The Ultimate Back to School Writing Bundle is Here & a FREEBIE!!!!

I have FINALLY finished this crazy project. Every single time I thought that I was going to wrap it up, I thought of yet another idea. But that just makes it even better...right?!? You can check this out right now in my TPT shop, and here is a little is on sale until tomorrow night! 

And for my younger friends, along with regular lined paper, I have also included handwriting lines. 

Click {HERE} to check this unit out in my TPT shop! 


As promised....

A little surprise awaits you under my Fan Freebies tab. 

Have a great night, y'all! 


  1. Please check your email

  2. Everything is so cute! But in the sample picture of the One in a Melon activity (in your post--pic is on the left) it seems as though you misspelled melon. You put two L's. ooppsies

  3. Hope,
    I love your work:) I know your kiddos are going to rock writing this year!
    The Schroeder Page

  4. I'm on it! It's already in the cart!! I love what I see. I'm glad that you kept having ideas!

  5. This writing pack looks just great! Thanks for all the hard work!


  6. Outstanding work. Should be very proud. Can't wait to see/read how great your students do. 5 bowties!

  7. I love your creative ideas. I am doing a super hero theme this year. Do you have the "WHat's my super talent" writing craftivity seperate from this bundle?