Craft-A-Holic....That is all!

I love to craft...that is no secret! If you have been following me for any length of time, you know my heart lies in all things ribbon, fabric, glitter, colorful paper...must I continue?!?  Yes, I am that person who can spend hours in Michael's just dreaming up ideas for both my classroom and my house. It is dangerous, y'all...for real. Is that why my husband lets out a big ol' sigh anytime I mention a new crafting idea?!? ;) 

So, since my love for crafting is a little on the addictive side {obviously}, I am thrilled to partner with Michael's for their #Create2Educate initiative! Here are some of my back to school creations that I have been working on {in the middle of my Vegas trip!} :) 

I am all about bright colors this year (as you have noticed in many of my decor packs)! I also have been in love with paper wreaths {thanks to Pinterest}...well...forever. I decided to make some really cute and easy paper wreaths that will be perfect in the classroom library! 

I am telling you! Super easy! I literally made these during an episode of Days of Our Lives {shhhhhhh....yes....guilty!!!! I watch that show! Don't hate!} Once you get the hang of making the cones, it is a breeze! All you will need is scrapbook paper...or any colorful paper for that matter, some cardboard, hot glue, and wooden letters. Then, follow these easy steps.

During my shopping spree at Michael's, I also found these bright and colorful frames! I knew these would be perfect for my motivational subway art! You can check out how I use these prints {HERE} and {HERE} or you can find them in my TPT shop {HERE} or {HERE}

Then I also found some really fun stuff for a few smaller projects! 

I have been eyeing these paint cans in Michael's for the past few months thinking about how I would like to use them.  Here is what I came up with...

I love that they are clear and you can easily see what is inside. I also love that they are plastic and will not break. Of course, you can add labels, but since they are clear, I left that step out! :) 

Annnnd....probably my favorite project...dry erase board picture frames! I love that you can write on the glass with an expo marker just like a whiteboard! The possibilities for these in a classroom are endless. I am thinking a homework board and a "things to do" list board will be perfect! 

I have had WAY too much fun crafting over the past few days. Now, here is the best part...You can be part of #Create2Educate too! Create a back to school project and upload your creation to Instagram using the hashtags #create2educate AND #sweepstakes (you have to use both). Your project could be featured on Michael's "Classroom Ideas" Pinterest board, and you could even win a $50 gift card to Michael's for your future creations!    

Be sure to follow Follow @SecondGradeShenanigans and @MichaelsStores on Instagram!

Sweepstakes Details:

Michaels knows that creative teachers work hard all year to captivate their students, to making “boring” things come to life, and to create environments that fuel education. Join us in keeping the inspiration going as we kick off the 2013/2014 school year with the#Create2Educate sweepstakes!

Create your own Back-to-School project—anything from classroom d├ęcor and organization, to a learning activity for your students. Then, enter the Michaels sweepstakes by uploading a photo of your creation to Instagram using #Create2EducateAND #sweepstakes.

Each day we’ll feature our favorite Instagram photos on the Michael’s “Classroom Ideas” Pinterest board, and we’ll randomly pick one lucky teacher daily to win a $50 Michael’s Gift Card. Create as many Back-to-School projects as you’d like and upload photos of them to Instagram for more chances to win. #Create2Educate opens for entries on July 21st and closes on August 3rd. Head to Michael’s and get inspired today.

 Don’t’ forget that teachers get 15% off of their purchase all year long at Michaels! 

Now....go get your craft on and show us what you come up with! :) 


  1. I love everything about this post, but those wreaths are too die for! That is definitely now on my to-do list!!!

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