Day 8 & 9 {I Can Explain...}

I can explain...why I missed day 8 of the sale! I hate missing a good I is a *really* good excuse! Take a look...
Last year, I traveled to Vegas to meet some of my best blogging friends and to go to a huge blogger meet-up. This year I had decided that I wasn't going because we are {like the movers are coming....TODAY!} Well...on Saturday, my husband came to me and said "Pack your bags! You are going to Vegas!" After I tried to explain that I had way too much to do, he handed me tickets. Tickets that did not have insurance. So it was either go to Vegas or lose a ton of money! So...twist my arm...I am IN VEGAS!!!! I couldn't be any more excited. Love spending time with some of my besties! We arrived late last night and didn't even go to bed until 4:00 {my time}. I think it is safe to say we will need a few days to recover and unpack! 

Look at all of this luggage! 


I didn't have internet at home {since we are moving}, and I didn't have internet at the ATL airport {what is wrong with that place?}, which means today is day eight and nine of Christmas in July! Two of my favorite units will be on sale all day today! Be sure and check them out on Teachers Pay Teachers! 

Who doesn't love this sweet bunny and/or Mo Willems? Love! This is the perfect author study to complement such a sweet series of books!  


On the Blog: Click {HERE}
Teachers Pay Teaches: Click {HERE}


Another favorite author study! 


On the Blog: Click {HERE}
Teachers Pay Teachers: Click {HERE} 


I have also posted a nice little decor freebie on my Facebook! Y'all selected several favorites, so I may have included a few patterns. Go check that out! 

Today seems like a perfect pool day! Off to enjoy Vegas! 

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  1. These author studies seem great. I think I'll work them into our school year and see what the kiddos think. Its also a great way to introduce new books. Thank you for making them available to us! BTW-I'm heading over to your Facebook to check out the labels!

    Have a great time! (I'm totally jealous ;) )