Hey y' case you are like me and NEVER keep track of the days/weeks/months in the summer, it is July. I know, I's hard for me to believe too! I hope you have been enjoying your summer and have had lots some time to relax and enjoy! :) Since it is July, I have decided to have some fun with my sweet followers. I am teaming up with some of my blogging buds to throw a 12 day SALE, and I will also be giving away a really cool FREEBIE each day too!!!! Here is how it will work! Each day, I will be featuring one of my favorite products from my store. I will tell you a little bit about it and throw in some teaching tips as well. The unit(s) that I feature each day will be on sale in my shop for 24 you will have to snatch it up fast. Be sure and check back each day so that you don't miss out on these great summer deals as you stock your classroom materials for the year!  

Then, I will also be posting a new freebie on my Facebook page each day to say thank you for all of the love and support you have shown me during my past few years of blogging! Have I told y'all lately that I LOVE y'all? Like...for real! ;)

Now, I have gone all techy on you and actually posted a tab where you can grab freebies throughout the sale and for the weeks to come! Here is what you'll need to do! 

Visit my fan page by clicking {HERE} or on the image above. "Like" my page {if you already have not done so} and then click on the freebie tab. It will take you to a folder in google docs where you can see the freebies that I have posted. Then you will need to click on the freebie for the day. Don't stop there, make sure that you download that freebie to your computer. You can click the "download" tab and if you have a Mac like me, it will go directly to your downloads folder. If you are working from a PC, you can save the file to a folder in your documents. Easy enough?!? let's get to our deal of the day...

Today I am going to show you how you can have all of your math centers ready to go for the year! One of my favorite math resources that I have used in my classroom would have to be my monthly math centers. I have used these in first, second, and third grade...but they are perfect for older grades as well. You can read how and why these work so well for multiple grade levels right {HERE!} Be sure and read that will answer most {if not all of your questions}. You can also click {HERE} or {HERE} to see other posts about how I use these activities in my room! 

They are super easy to organize and take up very little space. You can either place them in a crate, or on a shelf or wall like this....


They require very little prep work! The students will only need a recording sheet and a set of cards like this...

The students will then practice some of the most important math skills by designing and creating their own numbers. These numbers can be as large or as small as they students need for them to be and the activities can be repeated as many times as necessary for the students to master the skill. How? They will be using new numbers each time. 

This is an example of one of the recording sheets for place value. There are six different place value sheets that will accommodate the needs of different learning levels. These are perfect for early finishers, extra math practice, morning work, or homework! Really, the ways that you can use these are endless! 

And...well...that's it! Super easy, little prep...and the best part? I have them for each season so the students do not become bored with the same themes. We all like to change it up every now and then...don't we?  

All of these will be on sale in my TPT shop! You can snag them all separately or buy them in three different bundles...Your choice! 

Slide1  Slide1  Playing Card Math Centers
Slide1  Slide1  Slide1Slide1   Slide1


Bundle #1: Click HERE
Bundle #2: Click HERE
Bundle #3: Click HERE

And don't forget...

Be sure and check out some of these other amazing deals from my bloggy buds! 


  1. Thank you Hope! I will have to go check these out! I already have your Rock and Roll Centers and I love them!
    3 Teacher Chicks

  2. Thank you, Mrs. King!!
    I am proud to be one of you customers on TpT!!


  3. Thank you! I am new to second grade this year, and I love all of your ideas and printables!

  4. Thanks for the Freebies. Just bought your Fall Winter Holidays set. Looking forward to more creativity from you!
    Thanks a million!


  5. Love, love, LOVE this idea! Thank you for all of your ideas and creativity!

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  7. Do you know anyone who sells math centers for the year for kindergarten?
    Thanks, Lori

  8. aaagggh! I finally was able to access the site that showed your 6 freebies but when I tried to get that doc., a box kept popping up saying An error occurred! Is this freebie for today only?