Write On! End of School Year Writing Activities

Are you nearing the end of the year, my friends?!  Amy and I have been hard at work creating fun and engaging writing activities for the end of the school year!  Your students will go on a Summer Tour and Camp Under the Stars with our two writing themes!

Students will use descriptive writing to write about their summer vacation...
 And to write their dreams for the next school year...
 Here's a little peek at what's inside of the unit:

 The activities inside are FUN!  Also, don't worry... each activity includes a blackline version or a thinking map if you aren't into making so many crafts!  We always include lots of variety so that it will work for every teacher :)


Here's a little freebie for you that goes along with our Unit 11 Write On! Theme!

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Human Hungry Hungry Hippos

So everyone loves the game Hungry Hungry Hippos, right?!? It's like a childhood classic...at least for me. Perhaps this is why my kids looked at me like a mad woman when I asked them if they've ever heard of the game. Hellooooo old woman status. ;) Yikes. Note to self: stop showing your age! 

As soon as I saw the human version of YouTube, I knew I just had to find a way to make it academic. Here is how it went down. 


The students were divided into pairs. Each pair had one minute in the arena to collect as much "food" as possible. 

*** Pretty sure their faces say it all! ***

Once they had collected their food, they headed straight to work. 

I created a booklet that had 7-10 questions that correlated to the colors of food. So I had 7-10 questions for red, pink, blue, orange, green, and yellow. The students took their baskets of food back to the bleachers and would draw one piece of food at a time. If they drew a green piece, they had to answer question #1 under the green section. Then they would throw the food back into the arena. They would continue to answer questions until their food was gone. Then they would head back to the arena for more food. They continued this process until they answered all of the questions in their booklet.  

I organized my questions into the categories that we've studied this quarter. 

Red questions = main idea
Green questions = identifying details 
Yellow questions = annotations 
Blue questions = text structures
Orange questions = figurative language 
Pink questions = identifying theme

Here's a few more shots of the hungry hippos! :) 

Such a fun game. The kids loved it. It was the perfect way to review all of the skills that we've worked so hard on this quarter. 

Halloween Party Ideas: #throwbackthursday

Halloween is right around the corner. Like literally *just* around the corner. It is literally one of my absolute favorite holidays. I know, I know...I am a little strange. I seriously love it. At home. At school. Halloween parties! Give me all of it. So I thought tonight for a little #throwbackthursday, I would share some of my favorite Halloween ideas for decorations and parties just in case you'll be throwing any over the next few weeks. I guess this is only partially teacher related. 

I always love making our house a little spooky to fit the theme! Spiders and skulls do the trick! Most of my decorations come from Home Goods and Michaels. 

Now for the food...

Loved both of these drink ideas that I found online. They are equal parts scary, tasty, and EASY! 

Vampire Juice {Shirley Temple} 
Lemon lime soda and Grenadine Syrup {I added gummy worm ice cubes for a fun effect!} 

Sewage Water: 
Mix ginger ale and rainbow sherbet if you are going for that dirty water look. I also add monster ice, but forgot to take pictures. So here is the look...

I just use these ice molds, fill them with green water, and add a cherry. Easy and they will keep your drink cold for hours!!! I love how realistic they look without changing the flavor of the drink. They are perfect in the sewage water! 

I am not a master baker by ANY stretch of the imagination, but y'all two words: CAKE POPS!...so incredibly easy. I could literally do this with my eyes shut. I use this sweet gem right {HERE} and it will make 12 cake pops in about 3 minutes. Then I dip them in white chocolate and add the decorations. These will probably make an appearance at every party I host from here on! 

I used this recipe right {HERE} to make dirt pudding and it is always delish!

Hope y'all are having a great week. Should we start a countdown to Halloween yet? ;) 

The Ultimate Fall Writing Bundle

Happy fall y'all. If you are looking for a way to motivate some young authors with all things spiders, bats, scarecrows, and tons s'more, {;)} you can check out my Ultimate Fall Writing Bundle. It includes seven writing activities to help your students practice a variety of writing skills. Plus, it also includes everything you need for the matching crafts that will spice up your classroom displays. Take a look below. The unit is on SALE for the next 24 hours! 

...and how cute is this little guy? 

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