Organize Me....Please!!!! {Plus a FLASH GIVEAWAY}

Can I get an amen?!? Now...change house to classroom, and we have a winner! This year, I am determined to stop pinning and start implementing. {I will let you know how this works out for me!} 

Until then, I am counting my blessings, and I am teaming up with some of my sweetest bloggy BFFs to share some of my New Year's Resolutions. It never of my biggest resolutions {every.single.year} is to organize my life! Seriously, one can never be too organized! Right?!? 

Here are several steps that I am *going* to take in the next few weeks to "get-it together" and organize my life! 

Step 1: Erin Coronden Life Planner {Oh Yes!} 
I have never *ever* been a write it down kinda gal! However {and this is a big however}, I either have too much on my plate, or my age is getting the best of me, because I forget every.thing lately. I can't wait for this sweet little love to come in the mail. I am hoping that this can add a few years to my life and keep me going in the right direction! 

Step 2: Organize my plans and materials

It has been no secret this year that I have not been able to get ahead of the game. Moving grade levels each year has definitely presented it's share of challenges. Now that I am getting the hang of things, I hope to be able to get myself a little ahead each week. I love how my sweet friend, Lindsey, has organized her weekly materials. I think if I force myself to create a system, I will be better about thinking ahead and not waiting until the last minute. Something else that may add another 10 years to my life!  

Step 3: Organize my Paperwork! {Ay..yi..yi}

One major change from primary grades to elementary...the graded paperwork! It becomes very time consuming in the classroom trying to figure out who has turned in what...who is missing what...who hasn't taken what....! I am so in love with this little system for turning in papers from Simply 2nd Resources. I love how in just one glance you know exactly who has turned in what and what you are still missing. This is genius! Period! Check it out by clicking on the link above! 

Step 4: Organize my Chapter Books: 

I have posted information about how I organize my library many times, but one thing that I just hadn't quite figured out is how to level and organize all of my chapter books.  Then, I stumbled across this system above. Again...genius! This system uses paint sticks and alphabet stickers to organize books by level! Seriously?!? How easy is that? I this and can't wait to give my chapter book organization a makeover ASAP! 

Step 5: Organize My Jewelry

I know, I say this has nothing to do with school...*but*...if I could find all of my accessories each morning, I would arrive to school 15 minutes earlier! Which means that I could get more things ready in the morning and leave earlier in the afternoon. means that I could sleep 15 minutes longer in the morning. Both situations are a win for me...and my husband, since I am always asking...have you seen my________?!? {Like he even knows what the heck I am talking about, and he is *so* not a morning person.} This is happening for me tomorrow! I have already made plans for an "organize my closet" day. My jewelry is in need of some good TLC! Plus, how cute is that earring organizer?!? these may be pins now, but they are turning into reality in my life! I have already started several projects. I will be sure to post updates and let you all know how much easier my life becomes with a little more organization! {No...That was not meant to be a joke!} :) 

Be sure and link up below to share how you are going to meet all of your organizational needs this year! 


Here is a little treat from us to you!  Enter below for your chance to win some amazing resources to get your new year off to a great start! 

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Now what are you waiting up and show us how you will get organized with the new year! 

Twas Two Days Before Christmas Break!!!!

We are almost there! We have never continued this late into the year, and I am so ready for a break! I see lots of hot chocolate and Christmas movies in my near tomorrow night! :)  Here is what has kept our little minds busy for the past two days. 

Yesterday was Polar Express Day. I wondered how that would go over in third grade. I honestly think they were even more thrilled about it this year than in the past. I am pretty sure that they love the holidays as much as their teacher! I have created monsters! :) 

After our trip on the Polar Express, we turned out tickets into Christmas ornaments so that they can always remember this tradition that we started way back when in first grade! We were all a little sad that this will be our last year following this tradition. Oh how I will miss these sweet loves next year! 

After we enjoyed hot chocolate while watching a reading of The Polar Express on Storyline Online, we used one of our favorite treats to help us work on our content. The students began by writing a "tell me" description of hot chocolate. As we read these to our partners, the students really saw how weak their content was without strong adjectives, verbs, and a variety of sentence structures. Next, they turned their "tell me" into a "show me" writing. They were way more pleased with their second writing. Then, we made this way too cute craft thanks to Teri at A Cupcake for the Teacher. Check her craft out {HERE}.

We finished our day by researching the Northern Lights. This is the first piece to a big project that we will begin after the break. The students used chalk to create their own version of the Northern Lights. 

Today, we worked once again on building and strengthening our persuasive writing. Okay...have y'all heard "I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas"? Probably one of the cutest songs ever. We *may* have listened to it 4 or 5 times today. Seriously...cute! After we listened to the song (which includes great persuasive language), the kiddos wrote an essay to persuade their mom/dad to give them their very own hippo for Christmas. We finished with a little craft! 

These just makes me laugh! 

This week, we have been learning about the Gullah culture in our South Carolina History Unit. A craft that is very unique to this culture is the weaving of sweet grass baskets. This year, rather than creating gingerbread houses, we created gingerbread sweet grass baskets. Then, we filled them with peach rings to represent the peaches from our great state. 

I love how these turned out!'s party time! 

Friday, I thought you would never arrive! TGIF!!! 

Backwards Trees & We're on the Naughty List???

2 1/2 more days people...I think I can! I think I can! I am trying to keep us as busy as possible so that the days do not seem to last FOR.E.VER! Even though I am oh so ready for a break, we have been having lots of fun this week in preparation for the holidays. 

Today in math, I introduced angles and how we can use angles to name triangles. I wanted to give the students lots of practice, so we made backwards Christmas trees. We made colorful trees and gave them green decorations. Maybe I should say a reversed Christmas tree?!? Who knows...but they were super fun. The trees were created out of different types of triangles. Then, the students had to identify each triangle and label it with the correct name.  

After math, we moved on to yet another persuasive writing piece. I began the lesson by telling the kids that Santa had messaged me to bring them a very special gift. Then I continued by saying...don't shoot the messenger! 

They were each given a lump of coal (Rice Krispie Treat). Let me just say...our room went into a total uproar. They immediately inferred that they were no longer on the nice list and were completely shocked by the news. {I had no comment! :)}

Immediately, they were ready to write Santa a letter to let him know that he had made a big mistake. This activity really got the creative juices flowing...or maybe it was the slight anger that they felt. Either way, I was so, SO impressed with their writings today. 

We finished this lesson by creating a bag of coal to display with our writings. Then, I told the kids that they could take these home before break to play a little joke on their favorite brother/sister. They were thrilled to say the least! 

If you need one last holiday activity, you can check this out at my TPT shop by clicking {HERE}

Here's to a happy Wednesday! It is Polar Express Day for me tomorrow. TGIPD...Thank Goodness It's Pajama Day! 

Save the Gingerbread Men and More Holiday Fun!

Today was a great way to start the week. I love what 19 hugs and a little holiday fun can do for the soul! Here is a look at a few activities that we worked on today. 

One of my favorite activities for today was definitely our persuasive writing practice. The students were asked to write a persuasive essay from the perspective of a gingerbread man (or woman, boy, girl, get the idea) begging their maker not to eat them. We began by reading one of our favorite gingerbread stories called Gingerbread Pirates. Then, together as a class, they came up with persuasive ideas to convince their audience. I couldn't believe what they came up with (diabetes, cavities, calories, baked with salt instead of sugar). Hilarious. Then, they got to work on their essays focusing on their transitions between paragraphs, as well as their content. These turned out so cute! 

Then we created gingerbread men to bring our writing to life. I gave them their gingerbread man template and they went to town with construction paper. 

I have to say that I love the peg leg and the crazy hair on this little guy! 

After the students completed their writing and gingerbread creation, we got to enjoy a gingerbread cookie. Before we enjoyed our entire snack, the students took one bite, and we graphed the way that we like to eat a gingerbread man. 

You can find this activity in my holiday graphing pack {HERE}

After our writing was complete, we moved on in our geometry unit. All I have to say is HOLY VOCABULARY! I think they may have to learn 50+ content words in this unit. Even though it is a lot of new learning, we are having lots of fun in the process. 

We reviewed symmetry by making symmetrical snowflakes. 

I gave them a little example of my own. They completely blew my example out of the water! I was amazed with how complex some of their snowflakes became! 

We also discussed attributes of circles. We stuck with the snowflake theme and created snowflake circles. Then, the kiddos used yarn to demonstrate their knowledge of our new concepts. 

On top of all of this excitement, my guided reading groups also finished up The Best Christmas Pageant Ever. Such a super cute book. We laughed the entire way through. A busy day sure makes for one tired teacher!

 If you need a last minute activity, your kiddos will love giving a little gingerbread perspective.  You can pick this up at my TPT shop by clicking {HERE}.

3 1/2 Days...Woohooo!!!! Hope you are having a great start to your week!  

A Little Holiday Cheer

As I sit and reflect on all of the learning, laughing, and loving that went on in our classroom last week, I am reminded of the gift that I have been given. Each day, I get to see the same 19 smiling faces rushing into my classroom excited and ready to learn something new. I thank the Lord that he has entrusted me with His beautiful children, all representing unique personalities, abilities, needs, and dreams! Not just today, but everyday, I am thankful for the opportunity to bless each and every one of these precious little lives. I am determined (now more than ever) to make each moment that we have together count. We always need to remember to count our blessings! I can't wait to spend time with just a few of those little blessings tomorrow! 

Last week, we really got into the holiday cheer. We finished up a big math unit on multiplication and division, and moved right on into geometry. I was thrilled about beginning this unit right around Christmas time, because I knew it had a lot to offer that would tie in perfectly with the holiday season. 

We began with a quick study of polygons. The students have to be able to name these shapes according to the number of sides. To practice these content words, we wrote a little version of the 12 Days of Christmas using shapes. This was actually their idea and they loved it. Plus, it had them naming these shapes zillions of times. Per-fect! Then, we had to create our very own Geome"tree". Loved how this turned out. The students each had shapes that they presented to the class, and we all sat around the tree for a little "family style" decorating. Can I keep this up all year?!? 

After our tree was complete, the students created some cute shape reindeer. Then, they wrote I spy poems to name each shape in their picture. 

These are just precious! I saw these cute little reindeer over at A Faithful Attempt, and knew they would be perfect for a shape study! The kids LOVED this activity!  

Last week, we also spent time brushing up on our persuasive writing skills. The students completed my Baby Face or Beard Unit. Their reactions to this little problem of Santa trying to figure out his best look were priceless. If you need a quick activity for this week, this is sure to be a favorite! You can check it out {HERE}

Check out that mustache...and the freckles! Love! :) 

Here is a look at one of the writing pieces. Our main focus was transitional words leading into a new paragraph. I was really pleased with our progress! Plus, their ideas were hysterical and of course, they had it all figured out for Santa! 

 Praying that you all have a blessed week! Happy Sunday, sweet friends!