Easi-Speak Giveaway!

The start of a new year is just around the corner, and I am so excited about all of my new gadgets that are going to make life in the classroom so much easier and make my time so much more productive!! My newest addition is the Easi-Speak Recorder from Learning Resources

I am beyond thrilled to use this for running records and assessment in the classroom. I am so guilty of stopping my readers to catch up on their mistakes. This tool will be the perfect fix for that problem!

The Easi-Speak is very user friendly and perfect for youngsters as well as older students. It will provide you with flawless audio files of your readers. You can listen to these files directly on the Easi-Speak, or you can use the USB cord and hook up to your computer! The possibilities for the Easi-Speak are endless and I can’t wait to get it into the hands of my sweet kiddos this year!

Now, for the best part! You can win your very own Easi-Speak Recorder! There are several ways to enter, so read carefully!

1. Follow my blog and tell me how you plan to use your new BFF in your classroom next year!

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Easy..right? The winner will be selected Friday, August 3rd!

Alright! Getting back to work in this room of mine!

Do you have the desire to inspire? {Subway Art}

I am about 90% confident that I would have saved myself loads of time if I had just set up camp in my classroom this weekend! I am trying to pull it all together in the next week before I leave for my cruise! I will not think about school while I am on my cruise. {I am hoping if I repeat this multiple times each day…it will become a reality!} Ha! No really, I am super excited about a nice little vacay before the year begins.

Ok…back to classroom stuff! So…I am a sucker for motivational quotes and thoughts. I LOVE them! They always pump me up for a great day and I love using them with my kids. They love them too. I even used them last year in second grade and we had some great discussions about what our weekly quotes meant not only for ourselves, but for our classroom family! I was always amazed at how deep they really thought into the words of each quote! Such insight for such young minds!


Along with quotes, I also really like the look of subway art! So, I have meshed the two and I am OBSESSED! Here is a look at my positive thoughts wall! It is front and center so that we can feel inspired all day long!


I love for my classroom to grow as my kid’s grow, so it will not look like this when my kiddos walk in on the first day of school. Each frame will have a black piece of paper instead of a quote. Then, during the first eight weeks of school, I will unveil one motivational thought each week. We will discuss the meaning of the words and how it can apply to each student in the classroom.


{I found the frames at Hobby Lobby on SALE! Painted them and ta-da! I also purchased a few from the Dollar Store! Isn’t it amazing what a little paint can do?}

Like I said…obsessed! This is probably the best part of my room! I am totally inspired for a new year {almost!} ;) Aren’t you?!?

Next up on the checklist…classroom rules! My rules are also very modern and will be framed in my classroom much like my inspirational quotes. Rules are on the “to do” list for tomorrow, so hopefully I will have a picture all ready for you!

Until then, I have compiled a little d├ęcor pack just in case you would like an easy way to build confidence and motivate your kiddos all year long! This pack includes 66 pages of inspirational words and classroom rules. I made three sets of rules before I was satisfied, so I included each set for you! Choose the one you like best! The first two sets of rules are very modern and require very little ink for all of my friends on an ink budget! I love the clean look! I am going for the whole less is more thing {I am not very good at that!} :)


You can check this out on TPT by clicking on the picture below!


I did manage to get a few other things accomplished this weekend for my classroom! I finally had the time to sit down and make my crate seats that I have so desperately wanted since last year!

Slide4 Slide3

Love how they turned out! Thanks to my sweet friend, Rachelle for a great tutorial!

Thanks to my little helper, my classroom should be ready in no time!

Slide2  Slide5

She is SO not ready for summer vacation to be over! Poor baby!


Happy Sunday!

Update: Oh Snap! A Reading Incentive Program

Rewind…Last summer, I shared a reading incentive program that I like to call “Oh Snap!” If you would like to check out the original post with a detailed description, you can do just that right HERE! If not, you will get the 411 if you keep reading. AND…If you have already purchased this unit…scroll below for updates!

Raise your hand if you will do just about AN.Y.THING to get those kiddos of yours reading! Be careful what you wish for…



{At the end of last year, I received 14 pies in my face! Let’s just say I am still having a difficult time being around whipped cream! This is one reward that I used as part of my Oh Snap Incentive Program!}

Last year, I implemented a new reading incentive program called “Oh SNAP!” The students worked hard to earn points for a variety of things that were centered around all things reading!  Each nine weeks, we had a reading celebration where the students redeemed their points for some fabulous prizes…such as a pie…in MY face! Anything in the name of reading…right? Not only was this method motivational for the kids, it was also super easy to track! Love pressing that easy button! 

Last summer, after seeing all of the ideas swirling around Pinterest, I knew that I wanted to track points in a way that directly involved the students! I saw this idea and couldn’t resist! (I can’t remember where the original idea came from, so if you were the brilliant mind behind the ribbons, let me know!) As the students would complete reading logs, earn A.R. points, complete reading responses, etc., they would earn Oh Snap Points.


The students would take their points into the hallway and clip them onto their ribbon. They love watching their points grow! It definitely left them wanting more!



At the end of a 9 week period, the kids would calculate their totals and redeem their points. In class, I would hold a reading celebration and reward students with certificates for their achievements. Then, the following week, we would have scheduled “events” and the students who had earned enough points would be able to receive the reward or participate in the activity. I would have to say our two favorites were pajama day and of course…the pie!


If you are looking for a way to encourage your students to become enthusiastic readers, you can check this unit out on TPT. Oh Snap includes 159 pages of resources to get your kids excited about reading and is perfect for any grade level. Here is a look:


Updates: More Black and White Options!!!! {I heard a few PTLs!} and this can be purchased as a PDF file or a customizable PowerPoint document so that you can personalize rewards, student tags, points/rewards lists and more!

You can check them both out on TPT right now!





{Note: if you have already purchased this unit, you can go to TPT and download the updated version. This version will be customizable!}

I will definitely be using this again this year and can’t wait to watch my students become effective and enthusiastic readers!

Also…don’t forget…the sale was extended until tonight at 11:59! Check out some of my seasonal units in the post below!

Christmas In July 

I have been in my classroom this evening and I am loving the progress! Here is a little picture until the big reveal! ;)


Hope you are having a great week!

Christmas in July SALE! EXTENDED!!!!

Due to the changes happening over at TPT, I have decided to extend my sale until tomorrow night, July 26th! Thanks for being so patient! :)
Since I love Christmas so much, I thought we could celebrate it TWICE…in one year! On July 25th, join me and some of my favorite blogging buddies for some jolly good deals on our seasonal items! Now is the perfect time to stock up on some seasonal goodies so that your new year never has a dull moment!

Christmas In July

{How adorable is this graphic from sweet Abby?!?}
Here are a few things that you may want to add to your collection. Click on the links to check them out on TPT!
This is seriously one of my favorite activities in October! It is a must! Turn your pumpkins into your favorite book characters! This unit includes everything you need to incorporate this activity in the month of October!
Slide2   Pumpkin Book Reports
And a few other additions that will bring all things spooky & fun into the classroom…
Slide1  Playing Card Math Centers
Slide1  Slide1
Slide1 Slide1
Slide1 Slide1

Now…what are you waiting for?!? Get ready to get your shop on!

Merry Christmas! ;)