Christmas in July: Day 2 {SALE & FREEBIES}

It's time for day 2 of Christmas in July, and I couldn't be more excited to share some of my favorite products with you today! If you missed the post from yesterday and are all "What is Christmas in July?" you can get yourself all up to date right {HERE}. Be sure and check that out because it will tell you all about the deals and freebies that I will have going on for the next 12 {now 11} days! Don't forget to visit my Facebook page to get some really great freebies each day as well! 

Today's Deal of the Day: 

Today, all of my genre goodness will be on sale. All of these units follow a traveling theme and my students couldn't get enough of them in both second and third grade. You can click on any of the pictures below to check them out in my TPT shop on SALE today only! You can also check out previews on my blog by clicking the links below! 

My Road Trip Through Nonfiction Text Features

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By using my Road Trip Through Nonfiction Text Features, we sorted through all of those tricky features that help us gather information as we read nonfiction texts. You can check out a complete post about our nonfiction study {HERE}

During this little "trip", the students create reference guides to help them remember all of the features when they return from vacation and hit the books! :) 

Backpacking Through Genres: 


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During this adventure, the students will be working their way through genres. During this study, they will learn how to applying strategies to help them both identify and read many different genres. 


Much like the students did on their road trip, they create a resource to reference as they return from their adventure and face those tricky genres all on their own! 



At the end of this unit, my students applied their knowledge during a genre scavenger hunt! 


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And to end this little "Adventures in Reading" series...

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Teachers Pay Teachers: Click {HERE}

We filled up our passports as we mastered dictionary skills. This is a super fun and engaging unit that will help your students master a somewhat boring skill! 

Be sure and check all of those units out while they are on sale today! Also, don't forget to stop by my Facebook page and grab the freebie for today! 

Again...make sure you "like" my page first so that you can access the freebies folder. 

Merry July! 

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