That's Amore Pizzeria {Cross-Curricular Unit}

Around Valentine's Day {way back when ;)} I posted about a little cross-curricular unit that I had brought into the classroom to give my kiddos lots of practice with real world application skills. I had lots of interest for those resources to be put into a unit so that I could share it with all of you. So I give you...That's Amore Pizzeria. This will be perfect for the last nine weeks of school as those kiddos start to get crazy out of control ready for summer! In fact, I may need to do it all again! ;) Check it out...

Spice up your math and writing time with this cross-curricular pizza study! This 87 page unit is packed with five lesson outlines and all of the resources that you need to bring a lot of pizza fun and learning into the classroom. If you are looking for a way to bring real world scenarios into your room, this is the perfect unit to help you do just that. During these five lessons, students will be fully engaged in activities that require them to apply knowledge of money when placing orders, fractions when dividing and creating pizzas, and descriptive writing to give directions. Did I mention that they may also be practicing a little cooking as well? Master chefs perhaps? Here is a look at all of the fun that is found inside this unit...

Counting Money, Making Change, and Taking Orders!

Cooking Up Fractions! 

Small Pizza Puzzles for Student Practice and Application...

Pizzeria Fraction Craft

Look at those mater chefs! 

Pizza Baking...Chefs for a Day! 

How to...Descriptive Writing

This unit is up and ready at my TPT shop. As always, it will be on sale for the first two days. You can click {HERE} to check it out right now! 

So who is watching Duck Dynasty tonight?!? ;) 

Hope that you all had a happy, happy, happy Wednesday! 


  1. Cute girl! :) Love you and all your stuff! That Matter unit is AMAZING!!!

  2. Love this! I have a student named Amoure - I can't even begin to imagine how excited she'll be about this!

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