Throwback Thursday: VEGAS Baby!

Hey y'all! Is it Thursday again? Sloooooow. Down. Summer! 

Thursday means another time for you to share one of your absolute favorite posts from the pasts. It's a great way to revisit and share some of your brightest ideas with the blogging community. 

Today on my Throwback Thursday post, I will not be sharing anything educational. Sorry! :/ I am taking you back to my very first blogger meet-up in VEGAS (baby!!!)! This exact trip/blogger meet up/I Teach 1st Conference/TPT Conference is coming up in a little over a week, and this girl is straight up giddy! Eeeek! Can't wait to see some of my blogging besties and make tons of new teacher friends. 

If you are going to Vegas…holla at cha' girl!!! (Below in the comments so I can be on the look-out for you!) ;) 

If you want to attend the MEGA Blogger Meet-up, visit the Facebook page by clicking the picture below. I'd love to meet you! 

Until then my Vegas friends, here is my Throwback Thursday post! Link up below. :)


I am still recovering from Vegas. This trip wore me slap out, but was seriously one of my best vacations to date! Here are a few (or twenty) pictures to show what happens when bloggers take Vegas by storm! :)
On Sunday, I flew out of Atlanta with my sweet friend, Anna Brantley! We literally talked and laughed…really loud…during the entire 3 1/2 hour flight! Yes, we were “those” people, but we didn’t mind!
When we arrived in Vegas, we couldn’t get to baggage claim fast enough to welcome Rachelle from What the Teacher Wants! Anna made the most adorable welcome sign! Yes, those are flashing lights! Did you expect anything less?
Sign Final Slide4
How cute are these girls?!?
Once we arrived and met up with our other blogging buddies, the fun never stopped…ever!!! Which is why I am still recovering with a 4 hour nap each day! How could you not have fun with this group of ladies?!?
Group Dinner
Kim and Megan (KinderGals), Melissa (Lesson Plan SoS), Michelle (Fabulous in First), Rachelle (What the Teacher Wants), Anna (Crazy for First Grade), Me, Cheryl (Primary Graffiti), Deedee (Mrs. Wills Kindergarten), Shari (Shari Sloane from, Deanna (Mrs. Jump's Class), and Kathleen (Growing Kinders). 
We relaxed poolside at our cabana!
Ate WAY too much food!
And were BIG winners in the casino!
Slide1 Slide7
And to top it all off, we were able to meet up with 100+ of our bloggy friends! Many would say that they couldn’t handle Vegas, but I say Vegas couldn’t handle us!
Melissa and I enjoyed greeting all of the sweet teacher bloggers! We didn’t scare any of them away…I promise!
Meet Up 3
The Hosts of the Event
Meet Up Girls
We met so many inspiring teachers!
Meet Up 2
Our new friends, StephanieKelley, and Susan! They were insanely cute, and I so wish we had more time to spend chatting it up! I know we could have gone on for hours!
Blog Meet Up
Booooyah! (That’s for you, Kim!) Love these ladies!
This was definitely a trip that I will never forget! Can’t wait until we meet again! Until next time…


Throwback Thursday {Summer Linky}

Ohhh…Happy summer friends! :) I hope you are enjoying your beautiful summer days as much as I am. I have been busy working away on my SDE presentation that will be going down in VEGAS (baby!) at the I Teach 1st conference in just a few short weeks. I can't wait to see all of my teaching besties in Vegas! 

I will be presenting about one of my biggest passions…student engagement! I am super pumped to have the opportunity to share some of the strategies that I have found to be extremely successful in keeping those little minds moving and engaged…ALL…DAY…Long! I sure hope these teachers are ready to be up, down…and all around. Can't wait! :) 

I will be back next week to share some more ideas that I have been working on, and to make the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT about where and what grade I will be teaching next year. Until then, I am going to take you back with a little Throwback Thursday post. And since I am heavy into my SDE presentation right now, I find it only fitting that I throw you back to one of my favorite ideas that I will be featuring at this conference! :) 

Originally Posted: September 6, 2012

This week has been all about adjectives as we try and get back to our “show me” rather than “tell me” writing! Today was our big adjective runway show…NYC style!
The kiddos came dressed in complete runway style ready to work it on the catwalk! And let me tell you…they were FIERCE! I say this often, but this was one of my favorite writing activities! We turned up the music and off they went…
We even had a visit from Steven Tyler! This kid is hilarious!
As each child walked down the runway to show off their fashionable attire, we “rated” their outfit. However, our numbers did not  represent our opinion of their duds, but rather how many adjectives we could think of to describe what they had on. Then we typed up a list of all of our descriptive words to keep in our writing folders.
When our models walked back down the runway, the kiddos held up these flipbooks with the number of adjectives they could name to describe their attire.
Let’s just say the runway didn’t look a thing like this when we were finished! We had way too much fun!
If you are interested in this activity, you can find it in my Suzie Adjective Unit!
Here is a link to our runway jams…


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