Shenanigans on Insta.....

I am linking up with a few of my bloggy buds to share about my new little love...Instagram! First of all, I am a picture freak! Seriously, I love pictures. Plus, I am nosey as all get out and love to see what others are up to. ;) Can I get an amen about the nosey part?!? Tell me I am not alone! I think it is a character trait of all teachers...or women for that matter. ;) 

So, here is the fun part. Every Tuesday, teachers from all over will be posting a fun snapshot from their day in the classroom. Love this idea! 

So if you are a teacher join in on the fun! Plus, you can also check out Second Grade Shenanigans on Instagram and follow me to keep up with my classroom happenings by clicking {HERE} or on the picture below...or you can search secondgradeshenanigans on your phone! :)  

 So, get in on the fun and link up with What the Teacher Wants or Apples and ABC's. And...don't forget to follow me @secondgradeshenanigans.


  1. I just started following you!

  2. Yes! to the nosey part! I love to see all my bloggy friends at school and at home! :) You are not alone!

    Flying High in First Grade

  3. Love the food pictures! Following you :)
    My Second Sense

  4. YAY!!!! Love you!! Thank you so much for linking up!!!!!

    - Rachelle
    What The Teacher Wants

  5. Haha!! I do LOVE pics but I wasn't going to admit to being nosy............but it's true. I love to see what everyone is doing at home and school. I thought I was the only silly person that looked at all that stuff. I will look for ya on instagram. You can find me @sweetnsassyin2nd


  6. Who doesn't love pictures and seeing what people are up to! Definitely following you! Can't wait for tomorrow. Love how we bloggers are taking over Instagram!

    For the Love of First Grade