Gobble It Up {November Math Centers!!!}

Alright bloggy friends...by popular demand...Gobble It Up: November Math Centers are ready for all of those math lovin' kiddos in your classroom. If you didn't see my October post about Spooktacular Math Centers and how these little gems work, you can check that out HERE

These are BY FAR some of the easiest centers that I have ever incorporated into my classroom. It takes little preparation but provides a great amount of drill and practice for all of those basic math skills.

Here is a little look into the unit!

The Activities:

The Materials:

The Unit:

Stop by TPT and get your learnin' on! :)

This teacher is officially on FALL BREAK!!! So, the sound that you hear...is me shouting HALLELUJAH!!!!!!!!! This is one tired girl who is CRAZY thankful for this nice little break! I will be back later in the week to show you what we have been doing to expand our knowledge of nonfiction text! I will be praying for all of you dear teacher friends as you brace yourself for a crazy HALLOWEEN Monday! I'm sending lots and  LOTS of energy and patience your way!  :)

Happy {almost} Halloween friends!

Cloudy with a Chance Recap and Unit!

Alright friends...it is here and it is ready to go! Cloudy with a Chance is now posted to TPT! Here is a little recap of our weather fun in second grade!

What is a meteorologist?

Weather Tool Construction

Weather Tool Observation

Severe Weather Research

Severe Weather Group Projects

Cloud Creations!

Cloud Observations

If you are interested in this fun unit that gets your kids deep into weather observations and hands-on experiences, stop by TPT and pick up a copy! Here is a little look at what this unit includes:

Don't forget to pick up this little freebie (weather vocabulary cards) to use throughout this weather unit!

Happy, Happy Sunday Friends! I am counting down the days (4) until a MUCH needed fall break! Woohoo!!!!

Extreme Makeover....PUMPKIN EDITION!!!!!

Oh boy...today was a CRAZY...CRAZY...CAH-RAZY day as we transformed our pumpkins into famous book characters. This means that my fingers will now be stuck together for the next...oh...say...week, I have a manicure of green, blue, pink, etc. etc. etc., and I feel like I have been giving blood all day due to straight pin pricks! Not to mention a blister here and there from hot glue! I call that...TRUE LOVE! {For my kids of course!}  

 No, really ALL of the credit goes to my amazing room moms, one room grandma and the most fabulous woman I know...my mom!

God bless this woman! She truly has a servants heart and LOVES these kids! 

My kids could hardly wait to get into the classroom today and I am pretty sure that they worked harder than ever before! If they would keep up the speedy pace, I may just decorate pumpkins everyday! Ok, ok...I am not THAT crazy! We had a blast and the kiddos can't wait to present their book reports next week!

So...Here is the moment we have been waiting for...

Introducing our 2011 Pumpkin Parade! 

She's my fave!

 We are still adding a few minor touch ups here and there tomorrow! My sweet kids just couldn't get enough of these pumpkins and will be talking about them for weeks! If you would like more information about the pumpkin book reports, you can check out my unit on TPT!

Is it bed time yet??? This is ONE tired teacher! Whewww!

It's Got Me Down!

I usually do not allow too many things to get me down...BUT...this nasty flew cold well, whatever it is, is certainly trying it's best! Now, I am at home nursing a sick husband too! {We all know that husbands are just SO pitiful when they get sick...at least that is what they put on!} ;)  I hope to be back at the beginning of the week with more updates of what we have been up to in second grade. 

I have also received TONS of emails about the Chewandswallow Weather Unit. Thank you so much for being patient! That was on the top of my "To-Do" list this weekend, but this little crud that I have has other plans called SLEEP! I am hoping to have this up and ready for you as soon as possible! Keep an eye out!

Happy Sunday FRIENDS!

All Things Yummy, Delicious, AND Scrumptious!!!!

Hey Everyone! Tonight, I am over at Crazy for First Grade sharing a fun adjective activity that not only involves the students but that also gives the parents a little homework too! Stop by and check it out and if you are not already a follower of the amazing Anna Brantley you better hook yourself up! She is full of creativity and has lots of ideas for the classroom!

Mathlete Champions Unit

Hey Friends! So many of you emailed and asked about Mathlete Championships. I have compiled my resources and created a Mathlete Champions Unit. All 121 pages are ready for you to use {does it really take this much to get them to memorize these crazy facts?!?} Whatever it takes...right?!? It has worked so well for the students in my room. We are testing level 2 this Friday! Can't wait to see who gets their silver medal! If you are interested in this little resource, stop by my TPT store and pick up a copy!

Is anyone else having a cold, wet day? Oh how it makes me want to crawl in the bed for a good movie! I may just have to treat myself to that!!! :)

Columbus Day

Today was SO much fun. I love talking about historical figures and history {WAY more than I actually like to learn about it on my own...me + college history courses = no match made in heaven...just sayin'}.  My students get totally into it right along with me!  I hope they always love science and social studies as much as they do right now.

As my kids walked in from activity, they saw this sitting in "center stage":

A simple brown paper bag "crunched of course" to us...a complete treasure to a second grader. Their minds immediately began swirling.

We opened this little treasure map up that instructed us to watch a video about Columbus and record the facts. {I completely forgot to take pictures!!!}

After we completed our treasure map of Columbus facts, we read a few of Columbus' journal entries from a wonderful book that one of my students allowed us to borrow. The descriptive language in the entries was SUPER perfect since we have been working with descriptive writing and enhancing our vocabulary. Then the students set straight to work on a little quick write that included writing their very own entry {taking on a Columbus point of view...as we called it} that could be added to the collection. Here are a few entries from my crazy kiddos. I am LOVIN' the descriptive language.

 While they were hard at work, we created our very own treasure maps of the New World. I worked with the students in small groups {THE ONLY WAY TO PAINT} while the other students were writing. Here is a look at what we did:

Just a little painting tip that I am SO sure that you already know: When using permanent paint, add a little liquid dawn dish soap and it makes permanent paint washable! I am sure there is a much better "artistic" term that we could use to describe permanent paint...I guess I need a little "Art for Dummies" tutorial! It also makes cleanup a complete breeze!!!

Our Maps:
 Our maps were painted on brown paper bags. I cut a large square and burned the edges to give that old "vintage" feel!

Now for the final display:
The kiddos had a blast learning about Columbus. How did you celebrate today???

Rollback Savings :) and a New Unit

Just a little reminder that my TPT sale will continue through Sunday night at midnight! Don't forget to stop by and pick up all of your goodies!

Coming Soon...

Thank you all for your sweet comments and emails about my Mathlete Medals. I am working on putting the resources that I have used for basic addition concepts into one unit...so keep an eye out for Mathlete Champions! This has been the most effective way that I have found to get kids motivated and excited about memorizing their basic addition facts.

I hope you are enjoying this beautiful Saturday sweet blogging friends!

Mathlete Championships!

1 + 3 = 4....2 + 4 = 6....3 + 5 = 8....OH. MY. WORD! I am about 90% certain that I cheered my math facts in my sleep last night! We have been working tirelessly to memorize our basic addition facts.  I have designed a little schedule that only gives the kids until the end of October to have them memorized! It is a blessing and a curse having a 5th grade husband for a teacher....at the SAME school! Mostly a blessing...but the curse comes at times when he tells me things such as "Hope...they are in 5th grade and STILL do not know their basic addition facts!"  It is during these conversations that I have a mild stroke heart attack moment of pure insanity to take a deep, DEEEEP breath!  So...I am convinced that this "will not be my babies!" 

I have tried the timed test method with my little firsties in years past but just did not have much luck! Now, don't get me wrong, this is an excellent way to practice but just not one that committed the facts to memory!  PLUS...some kids would never make it past the 2nd level! So, what good did that do???  This year I am convinced to nail it...some way...some how...my kids WILL know their facts!

This year, I have decided to divide my facts up into three levels.

Level 1:
Doubles - You All Know These

In Betweenies {not sure of the spelling here, but it works}
When there is one number in between, you double that number to find your answer.
Example: 6 + 8 (seven is in between, the double of seven is 14...and there you have it!)

10 is My Best Friend
7 + 9 (Take one from the seven and make the 9 become a 10. 10 + 6 = 16)

Squish Rule
10 + 6 = 16 (Squish out the zero in the ones place and replace it with six ones!)

Level 2:
All Facts 0 - 4

Level 3:
All Facts 5 - 9

Every two weeks, the students have the opportunity to "beast" the level {in their words...not mine! I swear they keep me laughing all day!  Beast....obviously means do very well??? Ha!} Last week was their time to shine with level one. I am happy to say that every student passed level 1! Hooray! 

Maybe this success had a little something to do with the medals I promised them. Maybe...just sayin'...maybe! :)  As they pass each level, they are rewarded with a medal! Three levels = Three medals (bronze, silver, GOLD!) Now, up until Sunday night...this whole medal thing was a GREAT idea! I had searched high and low to find bronze medals. All I could find was gold. That is what I get for planning ahead...right?  It was on to plan B...make them! Here is what I came up with....

Our Bronze Mathlete Championship Medals
I made our championship ceremony and "banquet" {a.k.a. Cookie Cake} a BIG DEAL! They were ALL into it! They received their cards for level two on Tuesday and so many of them are begging to go ahead "beast" level two immediately!  It's all about creating that excitement...I swear it can work wonders for learning!

Our delicious championship banquet meal!  

How do you work on basic addition facts? I am dying for more ideas!!!! :)