Candy Themed Awards {Customizable}

It is no secret that I have looped with the same kiddos for three years. Three years = three years of awards...which have to be different every year! Of course! Right?!? I sure do love these sweet kids, but I am ready for a new bunch so that I can at least use some of my old tricks. Ya know? I am running low on ideas y'all! Seriously! 

So, in first grade, we did a little candy bar award theme. The kids adored those awards and loved the chocolate. Then came second grade where I went all classroom superlatives on my bunch. These were really cute and the kids loved sporting their new "title". You can check these out right {HERE}

So what does that leave for third grade? Candy themed awards and matching poems. 

I am so excited about these awards, because I am a sucker for cute poems...PLUS...I love candy. However, I am making a promise to lay off of the Sour Patch Kids...for summer's sake! :) Check back tomorrow {or in an hour for that matter} and I will let you know how that is going for me! 

Back to the awards...

These awards are super easy, super fun, and can also count as an end of the year gift! I love killing two birds with one stone! :)  P.S. This file is customizable and will allow you to add your student's name, school name, and grade level before printing! 

You can check this out at TPT whenever you'd like...but they will be on SALE through tomorrow night. Click {HERE} to find them in my shop! 

And while you are there, you can also check out my newest writing pack! It will meet all of your "end of year" writing needs! It will also be on sale through tomorrow night. You can check this out {HERE} or {HERE}

We are going on another field trip tomorrow, which means I need extra sleep tonight! Hope y'all have a happy Tuesday! Xoxo


  1. These are so cute Hope! I love your poems! I just bought your end of the year writing pack and it is amazing!

    Swimming into Second

  2. I totally understand your need for new kids so you can re-visit some of your "old tricks". I have been teaching half of my class for 3 years and will teach the other half again next year. I am so thankful when I come across new ideas and resources I can use on blogs and pinterest. I love the look of your awards! That dive into summer activity looks awesome.

    Looking From Third to Fourth

  3. Love love love!!! You are so stinkin' creative!