Similes, Metaphors, & Poetry...Plus a Color Run!!!

Seriously, y'all! I feel like I never *ever* had a spring break. I keep thinking...surely spring break is around the corner! When in fact, that bad boy is gone! Long gone! So, now I have to get focused and help my kiddos get ready for our second round of state 19 days to be exact! 

This week, we have been into all things poetry and we. are. LOVING it! It's our little poetry picnic {as we call it}. During our picnic, we have been working our way though poetic devices. On Monday, we reviewed similes and really began stretching our thinking past "My shirt is as blue as the sky" and tried to think deeper to create more complex similes. We also reviewed acrostic poems. So, I decided to mesh the two together with Reagan Tunstall's all too cute Rainbow Name-bows. Rather than writing a basic acrostic, the students had to write a simile with each letter of their name! 

If you want to check out Regan's cute little right {HERE!}

On Tuesday, metaphors were on the menu. We made metaphor kites {because you fly kites on a picnic...of course}. 

On the metaphor kites, the students wrote four separate metaphors. Then on the bows, they wrote the word "metaphor", the definition, and key words that help us find metaphors in our reading. 

Today, we mixed it up a little and studied both similes and metaphors in the context of music. I found this amazing resource on YouTube, and I was immediately ub-SESSED! I used it to have the students analyze some of today's current hits to find and understand the meaning. Talk about higher level thinking. They really had to dig deep, find similes and metaphors, and identify what message the artist was trying to convey to their audience.
Did I mention that I am obsessed with this video?!?

Along with poetic devices, we have also been reading, analyzing, and writing different types of poems. Last year we made iPods with my iPoetry unit, but same kids = new idea! So, I found this idea for a book on Pinterest and have been dying to use it, but couldn't figure out the perfect time. Well, welcome perfect time. What better time to use these way too cute paper bag books than during our poetry picnic? 

Original source for paper bag booklets: Rosy~Posy

I will post more about our booklets towards the end of the week as we finish up our poetry picnic. 

So, tonight I will leave you with some pictures from my weekend getaway to Atlanta with some of my favorite ladies. We ran in the Color Run and had way too much fun! Love these girls! 

Hope y'all are having a great week! XOXO


  1. Love the simile and metaphor ideas! Cute!

    Teaching in the Tongass

  2. You said it about Spring Break - that is exactly how I feel about my break! Love the idea of paper bag poetry books, I've never seen that done before! Congrats on the color run, it looks like so much fun!

    Love to Learn

  3. It looks like you girls had SO MUCH FUN!!! I love the pictures :)

  4. Love the paper bag poetry... make a unit so I can use it next year :) Thanks, friend!

  5. Love the poetry book idea. We just finished a poetry unit and that would have been super cool to do. Maybe next year... I mean def. next year!!!

    Love the Color Run! Looks like tons of fun!!!

  6. I live in ATL and so wanted to do the Color Run. Very jealous.
    Also I love the paper bag poetry book!

  7. We are working on poetry right now and I planned to use that rainbow activity for alliteration next week! I already have our publishing underway for this year, but that paper sack poetry book is ADORBS!! Super jealous of the color run!!

    Teaching Maddeness

  8. That video was awesome! I can't wait to use it with my class. They're going to love it!

  9. Hope!
    I love the simile rainbow namebows!!! In fact everything in this post is just TOO cute! fantastic! Thanks for the shout out!

  10. I love your simile name-bows!!

  11. Where did you get the leggings for the Color Run. My roommates from college and I are running in one here next weekend and are looking for something similar but aren't sure where to look!

    I've Got It Made in Second Grade

  12. Love those metaphor kites.

    Your ladies weekend looks like it was SO much fun. Great pictures- thanks for sharing.

    Granny Goes to School

  13. I'd love to know where you got your clip art from. Thanks if you can help! LOVE the paper bag book idea!

  14. Love you Hope!! Let's do it again....SOON!!!!!!

  15. LOVE LOVE LOVe the poetry picnic book! Such a precious idea!! Thanks for sharing!

  16. Hi Hope,
    Love the color run! I can't wait to run mine next month with a little girl in my class who is in remission from leukemia. She came to us in January after finding out on her last day of kindergarten that she had cancer. She fought hard all summer and fall and now she want to do the color run with me and her mom. How precious is that!?!
    Fun stuff - thanks for sharing all those great ideas!
    Traditions, Laughter and Happily Ever AfterVicky

  17. Love the paper bag poetry picnic idea! Sharing this on our Poetry board at Pinterest...

    When I taught junior high Language Arts eons ago, I used lyrics all the time to make figurative language more kid-friendly. Now that many of my students are teachers- some of them are still using that method!

    That You-Tube video is great {going to pin that also}

    Have a great week,
    The Classroom Creative

  18. I LOVE the poetry bags. We are introducing poetry next week and I will be doing these bags. Would you be willing to share your cover page template and the sheets inside? Thanks so much for this amazing idea!