The Bestest Children's Author...I Tell You!

It's day three of the Clutter Free Classroom's Prompt of the Day Linky Party. Up on deck...favorite children's author. Do I seriously have to choose just one? I am pretty sure that my list of favorites is oh...say...a couple pages long! I just love SO many. A few of my classroom favorites include Mo Willems (BIG hit with my students), Mary Pope Osborne (Magic Tree House = L.O.V.E.), E.B. White (Charlotte's Web...need I say more?) and the list goes on and on and on! BUT...if I had to choose one favorite (at the moment) I would say...drum roll please...Barbara Park and her "bestest" collection of Junie B. Jones books. Yes, at times we do have to discuss a few of the "bad words" used in the stories but how can you not love this little character? She is so stinkin' cute and the kids just think that she is hilarious!!!! These books make it so easy to sell young readers on the idea of "Practice Makes Perfect". They just can't get enough of her and I so enjoy watching them giggle as they are reading about all of her very own "Personal Beeswax".   

To encourage reading and student achievement, our school always has an Academic Celebration to kick off the summer and celebrate all of our student's achievements each year. So...WHO did I just HAVE to invite to join us at our first grade tent??? Junie B. Jones of course! I had one of my dear, sweet cross country girls dress up as Junie B. herself and let me just tell you, I was amazed at the resemblance. Of course, the students went  B.A.L.L.I.S.T.I.C.!!!! They were able to get their picture made with her and continued to talk about their visit with Miss Junie B. for the remainder of the year! She will definitely be making her way back to our classroom very soon!


  1. What a SUPER CUTE idea! Your friend looks just like her!

  2. For I Love to Read Week I participated in "Dress As Your Favorite Book Character" Day. While I was Mrs. Jeeper's from the Bailey School Kids series, there were more Junie B. Jones' around than anything! Well, a lot of teachers got their chance to pull off a Viola Swamp that day too. :)

    Love your site and all your ideas!