For starters...all I can say is WOW! I realized that on yesterday's post I put Happy Monday?!? OH.MY.WORD!  I should try to go into great detail to explain myself (MAJOR grad school test, 200 page book to read, book critique to write, classroom to decorate, planning for a little trip this weekend, house cleaning, etc. etc. etc.) BUT I won't! :)  I hope that I didn't terribly confuse any of you out in blog world and make you check yourself a thousand times to see if it was indeed Thursday instead of Monday! Seriously!?! Ay...yi...yi!!! face is no longer red with embarrassment sooooo....on to bigger and better things! BIRTHDAYS!!!!  Oh how I LOVE to celebrate birthdays. I tell my husband that it is my birthday month rather than just one day...hey a girls got to try right?!? As I was racking my brain over the past few weeks about how I was going to tie birthdays into my Rock-n-Roll theme, I got an email from one of my sweet little bloggy friends and she had an AMAZING idea! We decided that I would create since she came up with the idea! So, here you have it...BEBOPPIN' BIRTHDAYS! How cute is that?!? {Thank you Hillary!!! A BIG shout out goes to you and your awesome idea!!!} 

For display, you can write your students name and birthday under the correct month and display under the above sign.
OR...if you want to get really crafty, you an display the students pictures in each ipod. Boy do I just L.O.V.E. Pinterest. Here is an idea that has been popping up all over that site! This is from Erica Bohrer's Classroom. If you haven't seen her blog, you are missing out! She is fabulous!

I have also included a few other little cutsies in this birthday kit:

Birthday Balloons for Pixie Sticks
These are the Rock-n-Roll version, but there are generic themed balloons as well! 
There are several versions of these pixie sticks swirling around the internet but the above picture comes from What The Teacher Wants (another crazy amazing blog!)

Birthday Buttons
Again, the kits contains buttons for a Rock-n-Roll theme or a generic theme that could fit into any classroom! 

How can I get it?
Last night, I found a lovely little tutorial describing how to create a blog of course I just HAD TO!!!! I would love for you to snatch it up. It is located underneath the "followers" section of my blog and looks a little something like this:
To show my overwhelming gratitude for you adding the shenanigans to your blog, I will email you a copy of Beboppin' Birthdays!!!! When you comment, please be sure to leave your email address so I can send this your way!

Now...let me try this one more time because yesterday = epic fail! HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!!! Right?!? ; )


  1. You are just to cute! Love all of your ideas! I would totally grab your button if I had a bog!!! Can we buy it at your store?



  2. Cute! I added you to my blog roll since I don't ever add buttons to my blog. I'm trying to keep it sleek, but I love your blog, so I hope I can send lots of traffic your way! :)


  3. Very cute! You are in my blogroll! I woke up and thought today was's the summer, you are allowed to be a little off :) Good luck on your test!


  4. Hi Hope,
    I just found your blog and it super cute!!! I am your newest follower:)

    4th Grade Frolics

  5. I just found your blog from Clutter-Free Classroom and I'm loving it! I also don't add blogs to my blog roll but you'll be on blog list. If that counts my e-mail is: Can't wait to see al your other fantastic ideas!

  6. Love your cute blog! I added you to my blog list! I hope that is ok. :o)

    Can't wait to bring your beboppin birthday materials into my classroom! :o)

  7. I just found your blog! I am super excited to see you are also doing a rock-n-roll theme. Feel free to head over to my second grade blog and see pictures of my classroom. I would love to "borrow" your birthday idea for my room.


  8. i would totally post this...LOVE your ideas....just starting and not that techie at all. can we still get a copy of this cuteness?

  9. I've added your button to my blog.


  10. I am a new follower and a new teacher. You have inspired me to be more creative and to start my first blog. I am doing TONS of learning. I will add your button to my blog (it might take me a bit to learn ;)

    Thanks for sharing and being so positive! I LOVE your enthusiasm. I hope I can be like you :)
    new blog underway:

  11. Congrats on making such a cute button! :)

    Crayons and Curls

  12. Thanks for the shout out. I just found you through pinterest!
    Erica Bohrer's First Grade

  13. I added you on my blog!

    my email is

    Thanks so much!!! I'm so excited!!!