Just Keep Swimming

Oh my goodness…I seriously am trying to apply the “just keep swimming” idea from sweet Dory on Finding Nemo to my life this week! {No, I don’t watch this movie often, but we did watch it on the way to our field trip!} :) Spring fever has definitely set in with my sweet loves! I am trying to make things as hands-on as possible to keep them motivated and interested!

So, on the note of swimming, we have been working on two major projects in preparation for our big academic celebration in a few weeks. Since we have been knee-deep in our study of animals, the students are in charge of an aquatic animal and safari animal project. We have pretty much wrapped up our aquatic animal study/project that had the students researching coral reefs and the endangered sea turtle all while learning about bullets and fact boxes in nonfiction. We created a mini lapbook (if you will).

Here is a look at the front…

Slide3  Slide5

And the inside…



Then for our display, I saw these little cuties from Bishop’s Blackboard! They were just perfect, so I couldn’t resist!



We have also been enjoying our study of earth’s biomes. The kids are doing an excellent job on their biome flipbooks from my Safari Unit.


Then, during our study of the forest, I just HAD to find a way to fit these cute little hikers into our activities {Thanks, Cara Carroll}. After we finished our forest study, the kiddos wrote riddles to describe some of this biome’s main characteristics.

Slide6  Slide7  Slide8


I wish I could say happy hump day or even TGIF, but sorry y’all, it’s only Tuesday! :) Ha! Hope you are having a fabulous week!