Dig Into Learning {Summer Review} & Gone Campin’

I have been busy, busy, busy trying to get prepared for the last five weeks of school. I know that my schedule is about to go up in flames and free time (what’s that?) will be a thing of the past! BUT…only FIVE MORE WEEKS y’all! Here are two things that will make it into our room in the next few weeks!

The summer months are upon us and those end of the year chores (as I like to call them) are filling up our plate to nearly overflowing. It is so difficult to keep up with records, report cards, celebrations, awards days…and the list goes on. It is such a challenge to juggle our everyday duties {we’ve all been there…tell me you’ve been there :)} that we can barely think one step ahead! So, consider this your one step ahead! :)


I always like to send my students home prepared to at least maintain what they’ve worked so hard to learn through the year. This way, there is no room for excuses and maybe I don’t have to dream of the word…dare I say it…regression. Yikes! I know it’s summertime and they need to have oh so much fun, (and so does their teacher) but 15-20 minutes of review can’t rain on their parade too much! Right? Right!

I have used this summertime review method for several years and have seen excellent results. In fact, I only had one student regress this past summer and my kiddos were definitely prepared and ready to enter the second grade.

Here is how it works. I buy each student a sand bucket for their end of the year gift and we spend a day preparing games and materials to stuff it with for the summer months! The student’s participation in the preparation is critical because it gives them ownership and they are super excited to use their games that they’ve worked so hard to create.

Then, I attach our tag and a little parent letter…and there you have it! Off they go! What better way to spend a day than getting your kiddos all prepped and ready for the summer?

There are many different activities included in this 137 page pack, so pick and choose what you would like for your kiddos to focus on over the break! You can also add your own little goodies to the mix!

If you need to save some much needed time, you can check this pack out at my TPT store. Preview

Then, to keep my kiddos working hard until the end of the year, I will be incorporating my Gone Campin’ math centers next week! If you would like to see how these super easy, time saving centers work, you can check out my post HERE, or you can click on the pictures below to check them out at TPT.

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What is making it’s way into your classroom over the next few weeks?


  1. Looks Great. We camp the last week of school in my class each year. It's called Camping with Books. The classroom is transformed and the kids LOVE it! I hope you have as much fun as we do!


  2. So fun! I love all your cute ideas!

    Come visit me at


    Lohren Nolan

  3. These look fantastic. Thanks for sharing!!

  4. This is such a great idea, Hope! I will definitely be doing this with my students. I have purchased several of your math centers and you are right...they really are time savers, and the students love them. Thanks for sharing such great products.

    Delighted in Second

  5. Ok...you're AMAZING! haha. I love your digging games! I will definitely be purchasing them and what a great idea to keep them responsible for their own learning! Awesome!


  6. Just talked about your Dig into Learning Summer Packet on my blog! LOVE IT! :)