Attack of the Cherries and a Bleezer FREEBIE

Today, we were in heavy discussion about adverbs. We talked about adverbs answering the question how and modifying a verb. We also discussed that adverbs frequently end with –ly. My students’ suggestions were spot-on (you know…quickly, quietly, insincerely, nearly, precisely) until my one love bug suggested shelys! I said, “can you please give that to me in a sentence?” He said “she leads the class in the pledge.” Ummmm…can you tell I live in the south??? So, as we say in the south to excuse such a moment {I call those special occasions “moments”}…Bless. His. Heart!

After our lesson together, and once my sweetheart figured out that you can’t just add -ly to a word to make it an adverb, we turned our adverb fun into a very competitive friendly competition! Right along with all of the sweetness that we have going on in our classroom with our ice cream unit this week, we created ice cream shakes…with cherries on top, of course! The students wrote as many adverbs as they could think of on cherries. Then, they stacked them on top of their shake! Finally, just to be sure that we could apply this concept directly into our writing, the students switched shakes and wrote sentences using their friend’s adverbs.

This was such a fun activity and can easily be adapted to practice any basic skill.

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In math, we continued enjoying all things ice cream as we reviewed making change. We read Bleezer’s Ice Cream Store by Jack Prelutsky. Then, the students worked in pairs to buy/sell ice cream in Bleezer’s store. They looked at the menu…


decided on a flavor, and paid Mr. Bleezer {their partner}. The buyer used a five dollar bill to pay for each scoop, {they bought one scoop at a time} and then the seller would give them the correct amount of change. Then, they showed their work here….


If you would like this free download, you can snag it {HERE}, or by clicking on the pictures above! If you would like to check out our unit that we will be working through during our last few days together, click on the picture below !


That’s all for me, friends! I am off to prepare for our writing celebration and pancake breakfast! The end is near my friends!!!!


  1. Love the cherry shakes! Such a great idea!

    Miss Elementary

  2. What a cute way to teach adverbs!! I am in love with your craftivities!!

    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  3. Bleezer's Ice Cream Store is one of my FAVORITE Jack Prelutsky poems! Thanks for the fun math connection.

    Chickadee Jubilee

  4. What an adorable little nugget! I love kiddo moments like that :) Cute adverb idea!


    The Quirky Apple

  5. is the zealous website and it is really a discriminating way to line any day along with the freebies finished your entryway.

  6. I am so excited to begin your ice-cream unit next week. I love this freebie too. Thank you so very much for sharing, Hope.
    Eileen Griffin
    Second Grade Sunshine

  7. Love love love all of your items! Everything is just full of color. I know I wouldn't have a problem learning if I had such fun materials to do it with!
    I have passed on the Lovely Blog Award to you. Check it out on my latest blog post.


  8. You asked about what you should call your 3rd grade blog - how about 3rd grade shenanigans? It just seems so fitting! Thank you for all your beautiful work and also for sharing with all of us - how many hours have you saved us? Thanks again!