Twas Two Weeks Before Break....

As excited as I am about Christmas break, I honestly can NOT believe we only have one week left. My kiddos were so awesome last week that I think they have me all confused! Usually I am begging, kicking, and SCREAMING for a break, but I think I may just make it through this final week without any of those???? Maybe??? Just maybe???? I'll get back to you on that one! ;)

Last week was a crazy busy week as we were trying to squeeze in all things Christmas and a few...well...not so Christmas activities as well!

Last week, we wrote a descriptive piece to describe a very unusual sound that we heard on Christmas Eve night. Of course...that sound would be...Good ol' St. Nick stuck in our chimney. The kiddos had to use all of their senses to describe what they may see, hear, and feel while trying to figure out such a peculiar sound. We finished this little writing up with a craft by the all too awesome Cara Carroll.

We also completed a second descriptive writing: Elf on Strike. The kids wrote about why they are so unhappy with the conditions of the North Pole and what they would like to see happen if Santa wants them to return to work. These were hysterical! The students really got into this writing and had some unique requests for the jolliest of all elves...Santa! 

{I am so beyond proud of this little man in my classroom. At the beginning of the year, he would barely write a sentence for he has some of the BEST descriptive writing in the class! I love when my kiddos remind me why I became a teacher!}

 Then on Friday, I finally pulled him out! Yes...Scouty {my kids named him last year} is back and they were BEYOND excited to see him. I have been waiting for that perfect moment for him to make his appearance {a.k.a. after one of those crazy know what I am talking about} BUT we haven't had one, so he had to come out before it was too late!

We also had secret messages from Santa. One of my sweet teacher friends sent a link to the coolest site EVER that allows you to personalize messages from Santa. I know there are a lot of these types of sites out there, but seriously...this is hands down the BEST yet! I created a message for each child and then the laptops were ready when they walked in the door. They totally believed that I received an email from Santa at 2 A.M. asking that I deliver the messages to all of the boys and girls in my room. I totally wish that I could show you their entire face in these pictures because they are priceless. I tried to take a candid shot of each student to give to their parents. So stinkin' sweet...I swear!
Laptops.....check! Messages ready....check!

Priceless faces and reactions....check...check....check!

I seriously do not know how I caught some of these faces, but they are full of awesomeness!

"Mrs. King, Mrs. King...he knows my name and what I want and how old I am and and and and...oh my goodness!" Precious!

Check out that crazy amazing site here: Portable North Pole

Well, that is last week at a glance, friends! Next week, we are moving on to gingerbread activities and Polar Express Day! So stinkin' excited! I will be back tomorrow with my party ideas for Friday. Really....our Christmas party is Friday?!? Where HAS the year gone?

Happy Sunday Sweet Friends!!!!


  1. oh my gosh, I LOVE the Santa letter idea!! How super cute, thanks for sharing :)

    A Cupcake for the Teacher

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  2. I love the craft you did to display their writing. Where did you get the templates for them? Could you post them or point me in the right direction...

  3. Congratulations on training your students and keeping them so excited that they forgot to get wild! ;)


    Stapler’s Strategies for Sizzlin' Second Graders!

  4. Cute ideas! Do you have any of these as a template! Thanks!

  5. Do you have a template for the elf on strike? It's so cute!

  6. I love these ideas!!! Could I also get templates? I know it's not quite the holidays....thanks!

  7. I love the elf templates. May I please have a copy? Thanks so much!