Long E Word Sort {2nd Grade Word Work}

Hi sweet teaching friends! It is all about being short and sweet tonight. We finished up reindeer week with a bang last week and are quickly moving through another week...Christmas style. This week, it is about all things holiday! We have been writing about Santa and all of his little elf friends while TRYING to stay focused for MAP and listening to a little Kenny G {old school style!} HA! The good news is...so far, so good! My kids have knocked reading and language usage out of the park! {HUGE sigh of relief....THANK THE GOOD LORD! Right?...RIGHT!} 

I have been reviewing long vowel teams over the past two weeks, so here is another little word sort for long e teams. Click on the picture to download your copy! 

 Hope you are all having the amazing weeks that you deserve. I feel like I am echoing so many blogging buddies out there BUT if you have sent me an email, please, please, please be patient with me. I oh so enjoy reading each and every one of them and am hoping to be able to reply to all of you very soon. Thank you so much for thinking enough of me and my blog to send your thoughts and questions. Y'all are awesome!

I hope to be back Thursday with all things Christmas!


  1. Thanks for putting up this blogspot!
    I have enjoyed reading your blogs.

    Congratulation on having a classroom full of awesome readers! You are a great teacher.

    Thank you again for posting the long e word sort. My students will enjoy using it.

  2. My kids love the word sorts. Thank you for sharing yours.

    First Grade Delight