Reindeer Wrap-Up

It was a run out of the building at 2:30, throw your shoes off when you hit the front door, dive on your couch and never move until pizza and indulge in all kinds of chocolate and not even think about weight gain kind of FRIDAY! I am still looking for the individual that was standing outside of my door this morning giving my kids shots of espresso! HONESTLY! Crazy kiddos! :)  

Even through all of the madness today, we still managed to squeeze in all things reindeer to wrap-up an exciting week of learning.

On Wednesday, we read one of my favorite holiday books.

I found this little crafty idea on Pinterest and tied it in with a writing review. We have talked, and talked, and TALKED about showing not telling in our writing. They began by writing a tell me writing to describe their antlers. They then transformed those boring details into a show me writing.

Here are some of the finished products:

On Thursday, we finally put these sweet little laptops to use. They will be seeing their way into our classroom much more often after the new year! Are they not the cutest little things {the laptops not the students...OK...they are cute too! :)}

Then finally, we were able to cash in our reindeer rewards to make our reindeer chow. Here was our spread...we even threw in a little measurement with measuring cups and spoons.

Even though they didn't need ANY help on the sugar end, I loved the way that our chow turned out! This little incentive is definitely a keeper.

All of these ideas are included in my Run, Run Rudolph unit. It is still 20% off until midnight!

Can I hear a cheer for the weekend????


  1. It was definitely one of those car barreled into the driveway and I had my lounging clothes on in 2.2 seconds. I don't plan on moving until I need more chocolate!
    2B Honey Bunch

  2. I just love your Imogene's Antlers activity! Pinned it :) When I read that book I usually have my kiddos draw a picture of themselves with animal parts (a beak, rabbit ears, etc), and then write about what they would do if they were that animal.

    A Cupcake for the Teacher

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