Spooky Stories, Animal Research and Oobleck...Oh My!!! {And Sale!!!!}

Dead word funeral...check!  Animal Research....check!  Oobleck investigation, Halloween riddles, the life cycle of a pumpkin...check...check...AND check!

Isn't the month of October just so much fun??? I love all of the activities that this month allows to really get students super excited about writing. I mean...who doesn't want to describe Oobleck or write a spooky story about a silly skeleton? Along with putting our dead words to rest, in the month of October, my students really get their writing on and believe me...we have ALOT of fun along the way!

I have put together a little unit of some of our favorite Halloween writing topics, crafts and experiments. This 81 page unit is packed with 10 writing topics {including thinking maps and publishing paper}, 4 craft ideas, the Oobleck Experiment, 18 fix up sentences to make editing "spookalicious" and The Dead Word Funeral resources.

Check It Out:

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