Mathlete Champions Unit

Hey Friends! So many of you emailed and asked about Mathlete Championships. I have compiled my resources and created a Mathlete Champions Unit. All 121 pages are ready for you to use {does it really take this much to get them to memorize these crazy facts?!?} Whatever it takes...right?!? It has worked so well for the students in my room. We are testing level 2 this Friday! Can't wait to see who gets their silver medal! If you are interested in this little resource, stop by my TPT store and pick up a copy!

Is anyone else having a cold, wet day? Oh how it makes me want to crawl in the bed for a good movie! I may just have to treat myself to that!!! :)


  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to put this together!! I wanted something more than just mad minutes in my classroom! You are such a lifesaver!! On my way to purchase it now! :)

    Thanks again!


  2. Thanks for sharing! I've been looking for a way to incorporate math fluency with my third graders and this is perfect! I can't wait to test drive this unit!


  3. This is awesome! Any chance you could just email me the "instructions" page just so I can see how you have it set up so I can see if it will work for me. I just want to read a bit more about it before I purchase it. Thanks.

  4. Does the unit include subtraction facts as well or just addition?

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