Extreme Makeover....PUMPKIN EDITION!!!!!

Oh boy...today was a CRAZY...CRAZY...CAH-RAZY day as we transformed our pumpkins into famous book characters. This means that my fingers will now be stuck together for the next...oh...say...week, I have a manicure of green, blue, pink, etc. etc. etc., and I feel like I have been giving blood all day due to straight pin pricks! Not to mention a blister here and there from hot glue! I call that...TRUE LOVE! {For my kids of course!}  

 No, really ALL of the credit goes to my amazing room moms, one room grandma and the most fabulous woman I know...my mom!

God bless this woman! She truly has a servants heart and LOVES these kids! 

My kids could hardly wait to get into the classroom today and I am pretty sure that they worked harder than ever before! If they would keep up the speedy pace, I may just decorate pumpkins everyday! Ok, ok...I am not THAT crazy! We had a blast and the kiddos can't wait to present their book reports next week!

So...Here is the moment we have been waiting for...

Introducing our 2011 Pumpkin Parade! 

She's my fave!

 We are still adding a few minor touch ups here and there tomorrow! My sweet kids just couldn't get enough of these pumpkins and will be talking about them for weeks! If you would like more information about the pumpkin book reports, you can check out my unit on TPT!

Is it bed time yet??? This is ONE tired teacher! Whewww!


  1. These are FANTASTIC!!!!! I so want to do this with my fifth/sixth graders this year - they would have so much fun. BTW - my eight-year old would think the cow pumpkin is the absolute best pumpkin ever (slight cow obsession) ;)

    Runde's Room

  2. I bought your unit and love it! The kids are turning in their reports and pumpkins on Monday I am so excited to see them! I wish we had time in class but I had to have them do it at home instead :( Oh well! Also, I bought your Trick or Treat writing and made the ghost riddles into my bulletin board...everyone loves, loves, loves it! Students have been caught by other teachers I was told when "going to the bathroom" to come look at my board! So funny!!!

  3. These are FABULOUS!!!! I HEART Junie B so that's my fave, too! AWESOME!
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher

  4. SO STINKIN' CUTE!!!! I can't wait to do this next year!!!

  5. I bought your unit a couple of weeks ago and our system just went 1 to 1. We completed the pumpkins with kids and then we took our macbooks and recorded them like they were a newscaster. They reported from the pumpkin patch, told about their project and story. It was very cute. I am turning those into a slideshow to show for PTO night next week. Thanks for the great unit!

  6. Adorable pumpkins!! I love the pumpkins dressed up as characters. I think it's such a fun and creative way for kids to have fun and learn!

  7. You are absolutely amazing!!! Way to go!!! I am so jealous I'm no longer teaching 2nd grade! I really doubt my 4 yr olds could pull this off... maybe we will do a class pumpkin :)

  8. Wow! What a super cute idea! You are so creative! I am a new follower of your blog and look forward to reading it in the future!

    Teaching First

  9. AWESOME!!!!!! You are soo artistic! You must've had some incredible art teacher when you were small! Soooo PROUD OF YOU!!!!!!! =D
    From--Your 'childhood' art teacher! :) PS-Make sure to come and check out my blog SOON!(will be up shortly) Art n Craft Coach.com!

  10. This is a wonderful idea! Thank you for sharing! Such fun and makes a book report even more fun to do! I can't wait to try this out next year.

  11. What kind of paint did you use to do there?