It's Got Me Down!

I usually do not allow too many things to get me down...BUT...this nasty flew cold well, whatever it is, is certainly trying it's best! Now, I am at home nursing a sick husband too! {We all know that husbands are just SO pitiful when they get least that is what they put on!} ;)  I hope to be back at the beginning of the week with more updates of what we have been up to in second grade. 

I have also received TONS of emails about the Chewandswallow Weather Unit. Thank you so much for being patient! That was on the top of my "To-Do" list this weekend, but this little crud that I have has other plans called SLEEP! I am hoping to have this up and ready for you as soon as possible! Keep an eye out!

Happy Sunday FRIENDS!


  1. I hope you both feel well soon!

  2. I hope you feel better soon. My family is still going through it.