Q & A Thursday!!!!

Alright bloggy friends, I am here and ready to answer all of your fabulous questions that you have been emailing and posting over the past week.

Before I start answering your questions {a.k.a. TRYING to answer your questions} and provide you with a little more information about the hows, whys, and wheres, I just want to give all of you amazing teachers a little shout out! Ya'll are the absolute best and I am so grateful for each and every one of your sweet comments! Your notes of encouragement have inspired me and completely pumped me up for this new year! I don't know about you...BUT...I am SO EXCITED for yet another opportunity to work with amazing kids and can't wait to celebrate all of their learning and accomplishments throughout the year! Do we have the best job or what?!? 

Ok! Here we go! I chose a few of the most commonly asked questions to hopefully provide you with a few tips that may be of some use as you create, innovate and inspire this year!

Where do you find all of your graphics? Do you create your graphics yourself?
Oh dear...where do I begin! First of all...I totally wish that I could create graphics. I can do the basics and have made a few of the graphics that I have used but I definitely can't take credit for most things! I am ALWAYS on the lookout for great clip art and graphics to include in my documents.  If you are not a fan of ETSY, I highly recommend many of their designers for some very unique and of course extremely CUTE clip art! You have to do a little searching but it will be well worth your finds.  Of course, I also incorporate a little Scrappin Doodles and Lettering Delights in the mix! I am also a HUGE fan of digital scrapbook kits. You can check out some pretty amazing kits at ScrapDelicious.  I highly recommend this cute little shop that includes a collection of some really fabulous designers!

What fonts do you use in your documents?
Love me some fonts! I think that fonts are such a cute and fun way to really express yourself and make your creations truly unique to your style!  I would have to say that my "Most Fave Fonts Award" would go to Fonts for Peas...hands down! These fonts are just way too cute to resist and are extremely appropriate for an early childhood teacher who is CONSTANTLY creating "kid friendly" materials. You can get a little download for this collection of fonts here! Truly amaze! I just know that you will love them as much as I do!

How do you create your documents? Do you use/recommend a special program? 
Wait...don't you have a little creative genie that jumps out and creates all of your documents for you? HA! Don't we all wish!!! So, since that is NOT going to happen any time soon, let me introduce my sweet bloggy friends to the best design and graphics program around...PowerPoint! :) I know all of you gifted graphic design peeps are probably rolling your eyes right about... NOW...but PowerPoint is where it is at for me! PowerPoint makes it extremely easy to add a slide here and there and delete slides when necessary. It is also clip art and graphics friendly and pretty darn fast too!  After I have created a document, I save it as a PDF! I know that this is not the most profound answer to this question but I am all about EASY! So...go get your PowerPoint designing on friends!    

Would you be interested in creating a First Grade Word Study Unit?
Alright...how does the saying go..."Ask and you shall receive" right? Get ready, get set...it is in the works! After several requests, a First Grade Wordy Study is currently under construction! Next week will be my first week with the kiddos, so I am hoping to have this unit finished within the next two weeks. I wish I could have it ready for you now but...ready...OR NOT...those sweet little smiling faces will be at my door bright and early Tuesday morning and I have a crazy amount of work to do! I know you are saying...join the club :) {right?} BUT, be on the lookout...it will be out and ready to go in a few weeks!

Will you be posting any beginning of the year activities? 
What? I have to write lesson plans? Seriously? {Alright, Now that I am done FREAKING out...} :) Of course I will be posting some beginning of the year ideas! I am keeping it rollin' with my music theme and we will be rocking out the first two days of school. I have lots of ideas but NOTHING on paper. Yes...I said NOTHING!  We all know what I will be doing this weekend! So, check back soon and I will have some music inspired ideas for all of your beginning of the year needs!

Alright friends, I hope this little Q & A session answered some of your burning questions. However, if you still have more, feel free to email me at secondgradeshenanigans@gmail.com.

Don't forget to check back soon for my beginning of the year plans and a pretty awesome tool to motivate young readers called...OH S.N.A.P. You can see a little peek below! {It's going to be a BLAST!} Happy {almost} Friday! 

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