Get "Reel" With Writing

Are you ready to Get "Reel" with Writing?  I think you would agree that there are so many wonderful writing curriculums and resources at our fingertips that build powerful writers in our classroom. However, that was just my problem! In an early childhood classroom, it is so difficult to find one "perfect fit."  I always find myself seeing the effectiveness of this and liking a little of that. {I am just so sure that you can totally relate! :)} And then, sometimes I would really like a specific strategy but it would be above my students' level of understanding. Now, believe motto is go big or go home and I am all about pushing my students towards excellence but it is a waste of time to teach something that does not relate to things that they are already familiar with and things that are not relative to THEIR world! {ESPECIALLY IN WRITING!!!} So, I have pieced together a few of the strategies that I like best to create this nice supplement to all of the outstanding writing programs that are already out and about in our classrooms.  This unit is not meant to be a writing curriculum all on it's own. Rather, it is created to enhance the program that you are already using during your daily writing instruction.

Get "Reel" with Writing explains and provides resources for several writing strategies that I have found effective for the writers in my classroom. Some strategies spotlighted in this unit include "Color Your Words" Editing Strategies where the students learn to associate a specific color with an editing strategy/writing skill.  You will also be introduced to a vocabulary strategy that I have implemented to enhance my students' academic vocabulary called Playground, Party and White House Words. This strategy will have your students using vivid vocabulary that will appeal to all of their reader's five senses and really create a dynamic and powerful piece of writing.

You can implement all of the strategies into your writing instruction or pick and choose to create a "perfect fit" for your classroom and more importantly for your budding authors! :) Here is a little preview of Get "Reel" with Writing. You can pick this up now at my TPT store!

 5 days until my students arrive!! WHAT!?! Can't wait to see all of their smiling faces!


  1. It is fabulous! I just purchased this, and I am in awe of this resource! Thanks Hope!