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One of things (among many) that I am MOST passionate about in my classroom is bringing the outside world in and showing my students all of the amazing things that our world has to offer. Many of my children have never had the chance to visit another country, much less another state or even town in our nation. So, in my classroom, I try my darnedest to recreate some of the most ridiculously beautiful places that I have been so fortunate to visit. Thank goodness that I have a crafty mama to help me "dress up" my room in lots of different themes to allow them to experience other cultures and give them a glimpse outside of our small town. I really want to give them a reason and motivation to learn and show them that their is no limit to what they can experience and achieve. 

Along these lines, I just have to share one of the most amazing websites that I use in my classroom. DOGONEWS! I am sure that you have probably heard of this site from many others, but it is just too great of a resource not to share! This site includes daily news articles and stories of current events happening all over our world. The best part...THE STUDENTS CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF IT!!! Their world is completely crushed if we do not make it to our daily story! If that isn't powerful motivation, I don't know what is! DOGOnews is one of the many ways that I attempt to open my students' eyes to some of the cultures that shape our world and the unique individuals and animals that inhabit this spectacular place! This site just gives them a taste of the goodness in our world and believe me, they will talk about these stories for DAYS! It is amazing how so many students who are still struggling with adding single digit numbers can recall and explain events such as the devastating Tsunami in Japan or the aftershocks that followed soon after the earthquake. {And yes...they really will use big words like aftershocks and tectonic plates! It is basically amazing!} I try very hard to read these news articles prior to our writing time which always provides them with a great topic to include in their journal if they can not think of an idea...BUT I incorporate these current events wherever and whenever possible. I am currently working on some activities to go right along with this amazing content! I will let you know when they are ready!

If you are looking for a great news site for kids...this is it! Check it out...it will not disappoint!


  1. Thanks for sharing! I just checked out the site and I will definitely be using it next year!
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  2. That website is great! Thanks so much for sharing. Do you share each story every day? Like for today, I see three stories - would you pick one and talk about it, or do all three?

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  3. How fun. I was not familiar with this site. Thanks for sharing.

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  4. Hi Lady!! I was 'blog hopping' and came across yours - I noticed you had Tiffany from Sole 17 design yours, too!! It's super cute...she is amaaazing! :) I'm excited to keep checking yours out throughout the school year!