OH SNAP!!!!! Motivating Young Readers!

I think that all teachers would agree that motivating students to read and practice reading on a daily basis can sometimes pose a little challenge. Sometimes, students may need a little incentive to direct them towards a true love and passion for reading! As I was thinking about how I wanted to motivate my readers, I had two things twirling in mind. I wanted my incentive program to be something AWESOME that would actually motivated my students and excite them about reading. AND...the OCD teacher side of me wanted something that would be easy to maintain and would not require a great amount of "housekeeping."  I combined these two things to create OH S.N.A.P. {Get it.."snapshots"...that's where the cameras come into play...I know...cheesy is my middle name and it is totally part of a teacher's job description!}

OH S.N.A.P. does not only reward those students who are demonstrating progress by advancing levels in their reading. We all know that it may take some of our struggling readers several weeks to advance and these students are the readers that we need to target and keep consistently engaged and motivated. This program also rewards those students who are going above and beyond to become the very best readers that they can be. Rewarding effort is just as important as rewarding achievement! While using OH S.N.A.P. to encourage reading, students will be rewarded for four different reading achievements: Reading Practice (Reading Logs), A.R. (Accelerated Reader: If your school does not implement this program, there is an alternate point system), Reading Level Advancement, & Readers Response.

The students will earn OH S.N.A.P points as they accomplish their reading goals. They clip their point cards on individual ribbons to keep track of what they have earned (I Use the OH S.N.A.P. Student Records Chart to keep track of my students points each week). On Friday, I hold a small celebration to reward students with point clips and certificates.
The students will add their S.N.A.P. clips to their individual ribbons. The students are rewarded with special rewards as they reach a specific amount of points. 
They students receive the reward as soon as they have earned the needed points. The point system does not start over until the student has reached 150 points. So, by this point, the student will have received all 7 rewards. The student will then begin working towards 150 points again earning rewards along the way!

If you would like to pick up OH S.N.A.P., head on over to visit my TPT store!

Here is a weekend FREEBIE for you to enjoy! OH S.N.A.P. Reading Log!
How do you motivate and reward young readers in your classroom?

The Count Down Continues...3 days until I see the most amazing second graders...EVER! :)

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