You'll Flip Over This!!!

Raise your hand if it totally stresses you out (not to mention messes with your teacher ADD) when you have a trillion anchor charts hanging all over your room!!! But they are just too important/meaningful to take down...right?!? These charts truly are beneficial when the students are connecting information, sparking interest/memory, maintaining attention, etc. etc. etc...BUT I hope that I am not the only one who feels a tad guilty about throwing all of these charts away simply because they clutter up my space! I seriously just can't handle it. If you can totally relate to I have an idea for you and here is all you need:

Composition Notebook for Each Student

I just LOVE this adorable little pink camera but any ol' camera will do just fine!

There are so many variations of these little go with whatever you like! :)


 all of your fabulous "Hooks to Hang Your Knowledge On" (A.K.A. - Anchor Charts, Flip Charts, Poster Boards, Crazy Pieces of Paper Flying Around the Room...whichever you prefer)
I am so wishing that I had a few pictures of some anchor charts that I created last year but can not locate any at the moment...sad day! :(  {Insert mental image of an anchor chart HERE} :), once you have these materials (most of which are probably already located in your classroom) you are ready to go! Now, I don't want to overwhelm we will just take it step by is how you can eliminate all of those crazy amazing charts!  :)

Step 1: Make Anchor Chart (I think I only create about 10...per day!)
Step 2: Take a Picture of Each Chart that You Make (or at least the ones that you think your kiddos may need to see again/hold valuable information)
Step 3: Print out the picture and make a copy for each student
Step 4: Have the students glue the picture of the anchor chart in their
"Flipin' Out Notebook" under the correct section.

THE END!!!!!!!!!!!

Are you kidding me? I was definitely kidding about the overwhelming part earlier! It can't get any easier than that AND poof...all of those charts disappear and only the necessities remain! Just call me a magician!  :) Ha!

One last thing...where do those little tabbies come in? Have your students (or a parent volunteer) divide the notebook into sections for the content areas that you would like to include. I divide my notebooks into Reading, Phonics, Writing, Math, Science, and Social Studies. That way when referencing a specific chart, the students can quickly flip to the section in which that chart would be located. This is a great resource for students and will completely eliminate all of those guilty feelings about trashing all of your beautiful charts! I hope this will help you as much as it helps me! Ok...time to flip out! :)  Happy Thursday Bloggy Friends!

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  1. OMG I can so totally relate to this!!!! I feel so guilty for hating those anchor charts LOL. This is a fab idea. Thanks for sharing!!! :)

  2. oh that is a fantabulous idea! :)

  3. That's a great idea. I can't handle having papers everywhere either. Thanks for sharing.

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  4. I never thought about printing a picture for each friend. I actually have a bulletin board dedicated to them. I take pics, print and hang the mini version on the bulletin board for them to reference. The book idea is cute.
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  5. What a great idea! Last year, I made a big book with pictures from our charts. I started it because we made so many charts on the SMART board and I wanted a way for the kids to go back and see them. BUT I love this idea.I am so going to try it this year.
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  6. Such a fabulous idea! It will definitely save me from stressing out as I dig through my anchor charts. Thanks for the idea!
    Penny Pinching Teacher

  7. Hahahahahaha! I love how you presented this idea! Can we be friends?! Haha! I'm a big anchor chart junkie, and I've used binders in the past to do something similar, but I like the idea of using a composition notebook. I'll have to give it a spin.


  8. I'm totally going to use this! I have very little wall space in my room (I think about 3/4 of my space is already devoted to windows and various boards), so I never really knew what to do about all the charts we make. Even better if you have a smartboard, just print the slide and make copies!

  9. Great idea! I am guilty of taking the pictures of the anchor charts, but then not being able to locate where I saved them on my computer. Can't wait to use this idea! Oh... and I send the anchor charts home with students so they won't give me dirty looks when they find the charts in the trash after lunch. :)
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  10. Walmart has composition books for .40 cents right now. I only keep anchor charts up for a "unit". I type it up and give each student a copy for their reading notebooks (if it's one they will need to refer to). I like putting the pics in the composition book. I took pictures of all of my charts at the end of the year and finally threw them out.

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  11. I've done this the last few years with my fifth/sixth combined class. I'm moving down to first/second this year, and thought it would be too 'old' for them. Thanks for reminding me that it isn't! I'm excited to keep doing this, even with my 'little kids'! :)

  12. I feel silly - but havent heard of an anchor chart.... and I've taught 11 years! Picture, please!

  13. What a great idea! I'll be doing this for myself. I have 54 students each day, so I'm just going to make it for myself to reference.


  14. Looks great, but I can see this ending up costing a fortune -- color pics for every student? For every anchor chart? My husband will divorce me for sure! (As it is whenever I run out of ink, I just say I need to run to the grocery store to pick up X,Y,Z and run next door to the office supply store to pick up the ink! LOL)

    Here's what I do:
    Purchase those standup paper towel holders, put my colored pic (1 copy ONLY) anchor chart in a sleeve protector (actually you can have 2 anchor charts/sleeve protector, with some cardstock in between), use those round 'book rings' to hold the sheets in place on the towel holder.

    Hope this helps!

  15. I was thinking about making the important anchor charts directly *on* the ceiling tiles---so they're there for the students, but not cluttering up wall space. Ideas?

  16. What a great idea and still keep your sanity! Lol. The anchor chart can fit into the students' math/science/ or whatever notebook you use in class. <3

  17. What an awesome idea. I homeschool my boys and have been trying to come up with something for them like the anchor charts. I am thinking of creating the anchor charts and 4 x 6 or 5 x 7 index cards and putting them on a ring for the boys to have as reference.