New Years Resolutions... Say WHAT?

I know what you are thinking...hold is NOT even August yet much less January. You are so RIGHT...THANK GOODNESS! However it is that time of year when for teachers everything seems to be going matter how organized you are! There are 200 books to level,  a million things to write 20 little names on, documents to create, shelves to organize, stacks and buckets of supplies...EVERYWHERE and paperwork that seems to NEVER end! We have all been there...right??? Although many would totally cringe at the thought of all of that madness...teachers become totally excited and motivated! Not about the work, of course, but about the anticipation of meeting new students and inspiring them to learn and grow each day.  In the spirit of a new year, The Clutter Free Classroom is hosting a New Year Resolution Linky Party and I just simply couldn't resist.

My new year resolutions are short and sweet...just the way I like them!

1) Inspire and Be Inspired
This year, I am so excited to be part of the party goin' down in the blog world. I can not wait to use the amazing resources that so many of these fantastic blogs have to offer. Not only will this wealth of creativity inspire powerful instruction, it will also inspire students to achieve! My hope is that I too, can be of inspiration to other teachers, parents, and the best second graders of all!

2) Keep Calm and Teach On
Whew...this will be a toughy! : ) Why is it that my high level of energy is always mistaken for being stressed!?! I typically tend to be a pretty calm person who only has 5,000 things going on at one time! Hey...don't we all??? This year, it is my goal to simply do as the saying says..."Keep Calm and Teach On" remembering that my job is to pour into the lives of second graders each day by making learning exciting and fun!

3) Never Forget the Reason Behind the "Madness"
Education is constantly changing and I have heard so many educators who are infuriated with new policies, laws, standards, future plans and dare I say it...budgets!  I know these things can get everyone a little frustrated and down at times, BUT...I hope to approach my classroom each day remembering WHO I am there for and my purpose behind doing what I love!  

So, if anybody has already caught the new year "butterflies" head on over and be inspired by some fabulous educators and their new year resolutions! And...a little something for the road that I thought was too funny but SO true!!! Let's hear it for a new year!!!


  1. Can I just say "ditto" to your resolutions! You are so right! It's so easy to get caught up in the stress of things (I'm packing up my apartment and moving during the first two weeks of school, along with setting up a new classroom and learning a new school AND grade level...) and right now the "Keep Calm and Teach On" print is on my desk waiting for me to arrive tomorrow :)

    Notes from Miss Dennis

  2. Thanks for posting! This is most definitely a keeper!!! Good luck with the new year!!!


  3. Love your resolutions! I love your "Inspire and Be Inspired"!! Keep calm and carry {teach} on is my resolution for the school year. I bought a key chain for my school keys with those words!!!


  4. You need to post pics of your classroom! :) Would love to see it!

  5. Thank you both so much!

    Chelsea...I am all over it! I will have them posted ASAP! I am changing classrooms and grade levels so as soon as my classroom is up and halfway presentable, I will post the pics! :)


  6. I love the red sign. That will absolutely be printed and framed in my room this year!!