My Teacher Crush!!!

I just HAD to write two posts today because I am so excited to share about my little weekend trip. The craziest thing happened to me two days after I posted my "Top Ten Essentials Every Bucket Filler Should Know" principles. My husband came home with two tickets to Ron Clark's The End of Molasses Classes Book Release Par-tay!!!! Words can not even begin to express just how excited I was: 1) because I seriously LOVE Ron Clark (my husband is totally ok with this little teacher crush) and 2) what better way to get SUPER pumped about the school year than by soaking up all of Ron's amazing and NEVER ending passion and energy?!? 

So last night, we traveled to the big time ATL and let me tell the words of Ron Clark..."The party was hoppin'!"  They rolled out the red carpet...literally!!!! We were greeted/interviewed/photographed with some of the RCA students and they are beyond PRECIOUS! I even remembered several of them from my visit to RCA last September. Ron was at his best and of course got us completely FIRED UP for the school year. The RCA students performed and then we celebrated the night away! I must say...this was the perfect beginning for a new school year and I am pretty sure that I am already 3/4 of the way through his new book! Go ahead and plan a little trip to Barnes&Noble and pick up this must read for all educators!!! Trust will finish it in a day...TOPS! It consists of the most inspiring, yet to the point solutions and stories not only for educators but also for parents. There is a BIG chance that many of his solutions for parents will be included and HIGHLIGHTED :0) in my Welcome Back Packet! Seriously, this is a book you will not want to miss out on! 

Here are a few pictures from the party: (Another little camera had a full battery and completely DIED when we arrived. Thank GOODNESS for my phone. Still, the pictures are not that great! Needless to say...a new camera is on the way!)

My Teacher Crush...Ron Clark! :)

                                       Well, I actually have two teacher crushes. ; )
                     Me, Ron Clark, My Amazing Husband (who also happens to be a teacher)

                                            The amazingly talented Kim Bearden

Since I am already in LOVE with this book, I created a little list of my "Top Ten Favorites" from  The End of Molasses Classes! Be Inspired! :)


  1. We just found out last week that Ron Clark will be coming to Cincinnati to talk with us teachers during our "boot camp." I just about fell to the floor when our principal announced this is in a meeting. I AM SO EXCITED!!!

  2. You have made me really really interested in Ron Clark he seems so inspiring! Need to put this on my list of MUST READ! I have a really random question though how do you create all of your documents? Powerpoint? Word? Magic?

  3. I didn't even know he had another book come out. I will check it out for sure!

  4. I just got the book on Thursday. I am a first year teacher and I must never hurts to be motivated! What an inspirational man!