Supply Cans & More…#createtoeducate

If you have been around my blog for any length of time, you will know that my heart skips a beat anytime there is a little crafting project! I call it my therapy. Although that typically means my house becomes a disaster, I still jump at the chance to get my crafting on. So, when it came time for the Michael's Stores Create to Educate project, I knew this was right up my alley. Here is a look at what I created! 

Have y'all ever seen these cans? They had them out a few years ago. When I saw them on Pinterest during a random search {REALLY random}, I fell in love with the colors! 

Then, after a little more searching, I found this adorable project for a little girl's kitchen by Katie Day, and I just knew I had to fit these into my classroom…somehow…someway! 

Then it hit me…supplies! These are perfect for classroom supplies! A) Because cans are cheap and you probably already have them around your house! B) They are just darn cute! c) They are the perfect organization tool! D) Just look how easy this is to do…

So when I posted a quick picture on Instagram, I received TONS of emails asking for the templates. Well, I heard your cries and made several templates that can match just about any classroom decor theme! You can check them out below...

Along with the retro theme, I created a few others! 

Then I took it one step further and created matching table number supply labels for each set! 

Just to make sure you have what you need, I also added a little editable file so you can add your own names and categories! 

You can grab these in my TPT Shop right {HERE}

Project #2??? Yes, please! I have been dying to use one of these oil pans for years! YEARS! I have finally figured out it's most perfect use…well for me anyways! A dry erase calendar! Here is how it works: 

So easy and so worth it! :) You could also create something similar with letters and use for a nice word center! An oil pan is a must-have classroom necessity if you ask me! :)

Have you been crafting? If so, be sure and share all of your fabulous ideas…so I can steal a few from you! :) Plus, you could win a $50.00 gift card to Michaels! 

Now go get your crafting on, and I will see you tomorrow to celebrate the BIG, GIGANTIC, HUGE TPT SALE! 

AND….Oh…this is big…
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  1. Stop it right now! You are too cute! LOVE those labels. <3

  2. LOVE your soups cans!!! You have the perfect STYLE, girl! :) --Holly

  3. Totally cute - LOVE those soup cans. You are not only organized but look good as well. Great job!
    Sandra's Savvy Teaching Tips