2014 Morning Song and WHERE I work!

I am loving Teacher Week over at Blog Hoppin! It's so fun reading and learning about so many wonderful educators. Today is all about the classroom…but first…

It seriously cracks me right up that y'all keep requesting songs! Y'all know singing is not my specialty! I dream every single day of becoming a rock star, but I am definitely not there! Dangit! ;) However, I'm so glad y'all love these little songs so much….but I do need to look into hiring someone else to sing them for me! #truth Moving on...here is yet ANOTHER song! I love y'all an awful lot is all I can say! :) 

I give you…the 2014 Morning Song 

You can download the words in my TPT shop HERE! It will also give you a link to the instrumental version of Really Don't Care by my girl, D. Lovato! Hope y'all enjoy! Just promise you will come back and visit my blog after you listen! ;)  

Now I am going to move on and forget that I put this out there for the world to hear! #ohme

Sooooooo….Teacher Week! 

Today is all about where you work. When I say I am blessed to work in the school that I do..I REALLY..REALLY mean it! I am sure y'all feel the same way about your school…or at least I hope that you do. Working at the Ron Clark Academy has been one of the most challenging experiences of my life, but I wouldn't trade it for the world. I love working in an environment where everyone is your biggest cheerleader! It really is amazing! 

Speaking of amazing…our new facility is currently underway and should be ready to go in just a few months! The best part? You can come visit, see if for yourself, and spend an entire day in our educator training program! This place is going to be unlike any other place in the world! Here is a little glimpse of RCA…Hogwarts style! Have I talked you into visiting yet? ;) You can follow the progress of our our new educator training facility on our Facebook Page HERE

EEEEeeeek! Can't wait to see the final result! 

So until then, I will be sharing a classroom with one of the most amazing women that I know! You have heard me talk all about Kim Bearden and her fabulous book. Well, she really is as great as she sounds. In fact, she is letting me invade her space and move into her classroom for the next few months until I have my own room! Just look at her classroom…#ohmyword

Yes! That is a VW bug…in her classroom! 

All of the classrooms in the school have their own theme…but Kim's room is definitely my favorite! :) I can't wait to work with her! we already have some really fun ideas that we are going to plan together! 

So until I can share my own classroom at RCA, this will have to do! If you are interested in coming for a visit, or learning more about the school, visit my "About Me" page above! I would love to meet you! 

So have you linked up your classroom space with Blog Hopping? I can't wait to see! Also, don't forget that there is yet another HUGE sale going on over at TPT tomorrow! Don't miss out on stocking your cart with some amazing resources! :) 


  1. I've been learning more about RCA and I'm almost done with Kim's book. It sounds like a wonderland there! My question is amazing things happen there, amazing places are visited by your children and amazing (see a trend) transformations are made to the physical room when Ms. Bearden teaches: How is any one person to afford and have the time to make the room come alive like that?

    1. Such a great question! I totally see what you mean. Big things can take big money. However, after visiting RCA, I too brought my classroom to life…maybe not with a VW bug, but in other ways that would really engage and excite my students and create that anticipation for coming to school each day. Don't be afraid to ask for donations. There are so many wonderful people that may not be able to hand you money, but will build fun things for your room. Or perhaps have an artistic talent and can create great paintings that will bring things to life. Prior to working at RCA, I consistently thought and looked to find ways that I could transform my classroom into themes surrounding our studies. There are so many ways to create fun settings that are also super cheap….and you know what….students don't see a price tag…they see the experience. Experiences can be created simply by changing the enthusiasm in which you teach, reaching out and attending ball games that your students play in, attending their dance recitals, and so much more. There are a million ways to bring learning to life and create that hunger for education that won't cost you thing! Wherever your classroom is, whatever it looks like….embrace it…make it your own…adorn it with things that your students enjoy…and most importantly teach your heart out!! :)

  2. This song is great! I can't wait to use it with my 2nd Graders. When I went to Screenr to view your video I saw another song, Dream to the Beat. Is that song available in your TPT store?

  3. Wow! What a classroom! I'm interested to see yours when it's available. You're so great, I'm sure the inspiration will rub off in amazing ways!
    Sarah from Mrs. Jones Teaches :o)

  4. Hi there Hope, I am just wondering if over in the U.S. you pay for all of this creative classroom decorating stuff yourselves? I am unsure if we would be allowed to do such amazing things in the Australian schools I have worked in (or if we would have the space, as we barely have room for the desks, let alone all the areas I see in photos of amazing classrooms like this, for guided reading, shared reading on the carpet etc). Our classrooms are so very tiny in comparison. And as for painting on the walls, that is a big "No, no"...some schools over here don't even let you put charts up on the walls with blu-tak or have any wires across the room where you can peg and display student work!!!

    Ripper Reading Resources

  5. Great song, thank you

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  6. The Ron Clark Academy is so amazing! You are blessed to be working there and they are blessed to have you! It has been several years since I attended a conference there and it looks like so much has changed! Keep up the awesome work!

  7. Holy Cow! I want to be a student in that classroom! A VW bug?! Amazing! Thank you so much for sharing these great photos, and your fun song!
    ~Shelly Anton
    Promoting Success Blog

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