Now Teach: Teacher Week 2013

Eeeek...I love day three of Teacher Week 2013. Why you ask? It is all about organization, and I mean...what teacher is not head over heels for organizing? Wait...don't answer that question! ;) 

Here are a few strategies that I use during my back to school night {which is always hella crazy} and some more strategies that I use throughout the year. 

Supply Drop: 
First of all, I am ALL about working smarter not harder because a teacher's time is extremely valuable. This organizational idea is one of my faves because it saves hours {and I do mean HOURS} of time at the beginning of the year...when we need it most! 

So basically I use the supply tags from my Welcome Back Essentials Pack and tape them onto buckets. Then, when my students enter my room {either during welcome back night or during the first day}, they drop their supplies into the correct bucket.

This organizational strategy will save you *hours* of supply sorting!
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But Wait...don't just stop there. I also have a gigantic trash can beside the buckets and actually have the students take everything out of packages (minus crayons) so that I do not have to spend hours taking supplies out of packaging. Within a matter of minutes, your supplies for the year is ready to go. And the best part? All you have to do is put it on the shelf. 

Teacher Information Magnets
This is actually a little organizational tip to help parents out. I have done this since my very first year, and parents are always super thankful to have my information in one location should they need to contact me. 


 I just type all of my information on a cute little card, laminate, and stick a magnet to the back. Then I display them on my board for our open house night and parents grab one. Super easy...and a great way to establish beginning communication with your parents. 

How Do I Get Home Tags
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I don't know about you, but first day dismissal always stresses me out. I was with my last group for three years and still...that first day dismissal gets the best of me. That might have a little something to do with the fact that a few years ago, a parent had a few choice words for me because the child decided to take his little self to the bus after I placed him in the car rider line. So, this is a quick fix and something that I am sure you already do. I just print up labels and write each students name on their method of transportation. Then attach them before dismissal on the first 2/3{ish} days. Let's be honest...who has time to look down at a clipboard during those first few days? So this makes it super easy and if a child gets lost misplaced, other teachers are able to assist. 

All of these organizational tips and materials {plus more} can be found in my Welcome Back Essentials Pack


These next few strategies will help you stay organized throughout the year. 

I know I have posted about my math center organization several times, but for all of my it is again. Plus, it is my absolute favorite way to display my, I had to include it in this post! :) 

This is super simple. I attach butcher paper to the back of my book shelf with hot glue. Then, I use velcro strips or dots to attach the folders. This makes it extremely easy to switch out my centers each month! 

My center organization was also in my post from yesterday, and I had lots of questions about where to purchase these centers. You can check them all out in my TPT shop under by math tab {HERE}. They are offered in individual sets or in bundles. You can also read more about them {HERE}

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One of my biggest teacher pet peeves is when my library is all messed up! I mean, I spend hours reorganizing that area every. single. YEAR! These place holders helped tremendously. Since I use a numbering system in my classroom {which I highly recommend}, I just created circles with each student's number on the inside. Each time they selected a book from the library, they used their marker to hold the book's place. Then, they could easily return the book to it's rightful spot! :) LOVE THIS! 

Now I feel like I need to go organize something. :) Be sure and link up with Blog Hoppin' to share all of your fabulous organizational techniques! 


  1. I really like the idea of using butcher paper on the back of a bookshelf! I will definitely have to try that one out some time. :)

    Diary of a Second Grade Teacher

  2. I love the idea for the classroom library! I actually took a large roll of butcher paper last year to cover my library books. I wrote CLOSED due to mistreatment of books and drew a sad-faced book on it! It killed me to not give my kids access to my class library, but they got the picture. After that, I assigned a librarian and the class signed out their books. At the end of DEAR time, my librarian would pick a helper and they would put the books away properly. This turned into a very sought-out job! :)

  3. The supply tubs are a time saver! I have done them as well for years and I love having everything already sorted for me! :) Good ideas! Thanks for sharing.
    The Blessed OCDiva

  4. Love the bin idea for the school supplies, I don't want to spend more money than I already have but I have an idea to use what I got already to accomplish the same goal. Thanks!

    Ms. Chae Charges In

  5. I love the supply bucket idea! Never thought to do that! We don't get a whole lot of supplies like that from students though. =(

    Ginger Snaps

  6. I used to use paper grocery bags to collect supplies, but they weren't as cute as your tubs. Where did you get the colorful bins/tubs?

  7. I love the idea of the place holders for books! It's hard to tell but what are those sticks the circles are attached to? They look like they are gold in color.

  8. Hope,

    Thanks so much for sharing your awesome ideas! My stuff is still in boxes so I won't be part of this wonderful link up this year but maybe next? I love your idea about collecting supplies. This, of course, works only if you share your supplies. This year will be my first year teaching with tables with second grade so it is a perfect idea! After 23 years of teaching with desks, I am excited about the new adventure. I can't wait to start organizing this! Tuesday is my big day!


    The Perks of Teaching Primary

  9. Can you come to my room and set it up!? I am slightly obsessed with your organizational style :)

  10. What fonts did you use on your Supply Drop Labels and your How Do I Get Home Tags? I love them!!