Back to School FREEBIES & 2013 Morning Song

Hi Friends!!! Are you getting ready for B2S 2013?!? How many more days? Are you on the final countdown? Are you rooms ready? 

I always look forward to the beginning of the year. Although it is stressful, no doubt, it is always fun to meet a bright bunch of new kiddos and start a fresh year together. In celebration of a new year, I have thrown together some fun B2S freebies just for you! Plus, my new morning song is below. All of the freebies below can be found on my Facebook Page under my "Fan Freebies" tab! {If you need directions on how to find the tab, click HERE!}

Back to School Gifts

I always like to have a little treat waiting for my kiddos on the first day. They always get super excited...which is the way that I like to start any year...filled with excitement. Below are two gift ideas. One food not! 

This gift matches one of the writing prompts from my Ultimate Back to School Writing Bundle. {Which is on SALE until tomorrow night!} You can check it out HERE!

You can also check all of these ideas out on my blog right HERE

If you can't have food/sweets at your school, here is another B2S gift idea! 

I used this idea last year and found my kids wearing their "shades" for a week! In fact, some of them kept their shades in their cubbies to wear during recess. They were so proud! I purchased my sunglasses from the Dollar Tree and it was definitely a hit with my students. 

Back to School Management Idea

I saw these mini trash cans at the Dollar Tree on one of my visits {out of 1,000} last week. They were way too cute to pass up, and I knew that I would find a way to put them to use in the classroom. I am *always* trying to think of new management ideas, because let's be honest...a strategy will last for about 3 or 4 weeks {MAX} and then it is time to pull out a different strategy to motivate those kiddos. So, I like to fill my bag with tons and TONS of tricks! Maybe you can add this trick to your bag! You can grab these table numbers {which fit perfectly on the trash cans} on my Facebook Page


This song, along with my other two morning songs, are available on my Facebook Page


I always get a million {and one} questions about whether I can post a video of my kids singing. Well, sadly, I can not. BUT...this year I did decide to make a quick video of ME singing the song! Yes...ME! 


Let's get a few things straight. I am NO Selena Gomez {unless it is during my dreams}...BUT...I am totally okay with that. So let's all just take a second to take our expectations down a few notches...or 100. I think this should show my teacher friends how much I truly love y'all because I have made it a habit to ONLY sing in front of little people. And one more thing, you MUST promise that if you play this little gem in your classroom, you tell your students that it is you singing the song. I refuse to take credit for that is ALL you, my friends! Also, I know that there is a spelling error in the video. It was painful enough to record this once, is what it is! ;) Now, turn the volume down...and enjoy...or at least try to! ;) I promise this will be a lot better when it is filled with the voices of students! 

No need to leave comments about how I am the next Nikki Minaj! I already know! ;) 

Moving on...

If you haven't entered all of these amazing giveaways for our Back to School Bash, click the picture below and start following all of the apples! 

I also have a few things in the works for the beginning of the year! 

Coming Soon: 

Hope y'all have a happy Sunday! Don't work too hard. Your beginning of the year is sure to be as fabulous as you! 


  1. This song is wonderful! Great job Hope!

  2. Ii am sitting here jamming to your tune! Adorable! I may need to try it! Thanks.

    Debbie :)

  3. Oh. My. Word. Hope, seriously, you never disappoint!! To say my kids loved 2nd Grade Rocks last year is an understatement, I just can't wait to do this song with my new bunch this year!!! Haha... My kids will love if I take credit for your singing... Like you, I make it a habit to not sing except in front of my little people!! Hopefully, I can sing it on key thanks to your demo!! :)

    P.S. Where did you find your watermelon candies?!?! Dollar Tree, too?!?

    Surviving the Little People

  4. I am so excited to use this with my students. We go back Wednesday and this could not have come at a more perfect time! Thank you so much for all you do :)

  5. Hope, I loved your song!! I know my little ones will, too. I'm going to have to go to the Dollar Tree and see if I can find some of those mini trashcans. Cute idea!

    The 2nd Grade Surprise

  6. Oh my goodness - I love your morning song!! My 2nd graders liked to make singing routines to perform for me during extra recess and this was a top favorite. LOL. I can totally picture them rocking out to this song. Thank you for sharing! :-)

    Sprinkled in Second

  7. Hey Hope, the freebie for the Trashcans and the song lyrics on FB aren't working. Just wanted to let you know.

  8. LOVE,love,love...everything!! Looking forward to having some fun with these ideas!

  9. You're my hero! You rocked it. ;) Thanks for the precious ideas. I've been stalking my Dollar Tree looking for those to no avail! They're probably starting to think I'm really creepy.

    What Happens in First Grade

  10. SUCH a sweet song!! VERY motivating!! Thanks for sharing!!


  11. I love the song! Heading over to FB now to download these awesome freebies!!! Thanks!!! =)

    Peaches and Palmetto Trees

  12. You have a GREAT voice!!! This is brilliant! LOVE it!

  13. Great back to school stuff! I love sour patch watermelons so I will be giving this to my kids for sure on the 1st day! Love your song too! Your voice is sooo much better than mine!

    Rambling About Reading

  14. I absolutely love your songs you have created the past few years. I have always wanted to have the songs be part of our classroom routines, but I don't know where to find the song w/o the words. Can you please help me?


  15. Do you have a video for 2nd Grade Rocks? I would love to hear that one!

  16. Whatever! You think you can't sing???? You sound great! I love the song- I am really going to try to incorporate more songs and messages like this during the year. I am so going to your facebook page and get a copy! Thanks for sharing! I assume you can just find the music online because me singing without music- not pretty!!!

  17. Love this! I just crunk it up and sang along! :)

    Second Grade Math Maniac

  18. You are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! My daughter and I just sang along and LOVED it! Can't wait to introduce it to my kiddos. We sang you last year's song EVERYDAY, at least once. THANK YOU!!!!!


  19. Love it! Don't put your singing down! You're great!

  20. What an awesome way to start the day! Thanks for sharing this song, it got me seriously pumped to start school next week!

    Snazzy in Second

  21. I tried to download the songs from facebook, but the only thing under fan freebies is the pencil/eraser art poster.
    I hope I didn't miss the freebie! I love your songs! I would love to play them for my kiddos!
    Second is the BEST!

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  23. I wasn't able to find your trashcan freebie either, what should I try?

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  25. Hi Hope...I went to your sessions at SDE this year and fell in love with your math centers. Just wondering if you are going to do a back to school sale before school starts? Let me know! Thanks!