Friday FREEBIES & Unit Updates least for those of you that have started the school year. For others, I am sure you are wishing that time could stand still for a bit longer. Today's post is going to be short and sweet, but I have been working away today on a few freebies and some unit updates. 

I will give you the updates first and then some fun freebies below. 

Desire to Inspire

My Desire to Inspire Wall has been one of the best additions to my classroom over the past two years. I have received an amazing amount of wonderful feedback from many of you after you implemented this wall into your classroom. Thank you for that! ;) 

If you missed is a little peek

Or you can check out a post about them right {HERE.} 

So what are the updates?!? 

I have added JPEG files to my original version so that you can change the sizes {if needed}....

Desire to Inspire {The Original}

And I have also added JPEG files to my chalkboard version since many of you had trouble with the PNG files. 

Desire to Inspire {Chalkboard Style} 

If you have purchased one of these sets, be sure and visit TPT to download the updated version! 

Now for some FREEBIES. 

I love teaching reading...that is no secret. In fact, if we didn't just move to Atlanta, I would have been working as the Reading Specialist at my school in SC, and I was WAY pumped about that opportunity...but...God had other things in store for us! ;) I have spent today updating an old freebie and creating a new freebie for one of my very best teacher friends. So, I thought I would share both of them with you! 

I posted about my "Think Clouds" ages ago. You can read about how I use these in my room right {HERE}. After implementing these during my guided reading groups, I saw a tremendous change in the way that my students began monitoring comprehension independently. So for that...I love these little gems. You can pick these up on my Facebook page or in my TPT shop

My Newbie

These have also been around for ages. One of my firstie friends asked me to update her here they are. I thought that some of my blogging buddies might also be able to use them this year. 

I know when I taught first grade, I used them...a lot! Like a lot, a lot! My kids loved them, and much like the comprehension think clouds, these strategies definitely helped my kids monitor their decoding strategies to figure out unknown words. You can also grab these on my Facebook page or in my TPT shop

And one more little reminder...

All of my decor packs will be on sale until midnight! :) 

Told ya! Short and sweet! I am off to spend the weekend with my nephew! Have a great weekend, friends!


  1. LOVING the think clouds! Definitely a must for my small group reading table. What would you recommend using for the "stick" part? A craft stick? I can't tell from the pic what you used. Thanks for the freebie!


  2. I use all of these strategies and have posters but I love the think clouds. They are perfect for guided reading! Thank you so much!
    Rambling About Reading

  3. The think clouds are amazing! Thanks for the freebies!


  4. These are wonderful! It's great to have a cute version in the guided reading area to support the posters. thanks!

  5. I just found your blog through the Blog Hoppin' linky and I absolutely love it!! Such a cute design and you have SO many wonderful ideas :) I may have just spent about 2 hours stalking all of your posts ;) Thanks for the freebies! I LOVE the thinking clouds and can't wait to print them!


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  7. I love your creativity and constant willingness to share with others! It's so phenomenal and truly inspiring so thank you oh so much :) Good luck settling into your new home! I'm sure this new experience will be equally if not more wonderful than your time in South Carolina was. Have you squared up a new teaching position yet?

    Light & Love,
    Kdot’s Learning Spot

  8. Hi! I have been trying to look for your math centre headings which you have for each math subject areas that are stuck on the outside of the folders. Eg. Place Value. Regards Carmen