The ULTIMATE Spring Writing & Craft Bundle

My eyes are seeing double and my brain is fried...but I have writing planned, printed, and ready to go until MAY! I am so excited about all of the writing that we will be doing over the next few months. There are so many opportunities to incorporate everything I love about spring, along with some major science concepts {integration at it's finest!} :) Here is the best part of it can have your writing planned for the next couple of months too! Check out my newest spring writing unit by clicking on any of the pictures below!

This bundle is packed with over 200 pages of resources to help your kiddos build those writing skills. It is also aligned to the new Common Core Standards and includes narrative, informational, and opinion pieces. This resource includes differentiated materials and will be perfect for 1st-5th grade. Since I love crafts {and so do my kids}, each unit includes the templates needed to make a fun craft at the completion of each writing that will be perfect for spring bulletin boards! 

Here are the seven activities included:


You can click {HERE} to purchase the bundle on SALE for $13.00. As always, I will keep the unit on sale for 48 hours, so snatch it up fast! 

I hope that your day is as beautiful as mine in SC! Now, I am off to run and plan our Civil War Study for the next few weeks! 

Happy, Happy, Happy SUNDAY! 


  1. Amazing! I can't wait to use this next year. (I'm teaching first right now and will have to save this for next year.) Your work is a great inspiration. Thanks

  2. This looks wonderful! You've thought of everything and made it so fun!

  3. That is what in all organized! These look great.

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