Lucky's Punctuation Patty-O

Goodness gracious! We have been unbelievably busy prepping for our state writing test... which is {ahem} tomorrow!!!! Like less than 24 hours...tomorrow! Say a little prayer for us tonight! For all of my SC peeps, best of luck! I know with teachers like you, your kiddos will do fabulous!

Well, we have been so busy in fact, that we haven't been able to do anything leprechaun/St. Patty's related. {insert sad face here} Although I am now in a "tested" grade {whatever that means...aren't all grade levels tested in their own *special* way?}, I still try really hard to make things fun interesting magical for my kiddos. I truly think this helps keep their fire burning for school and really makes that knowledge stick. So after seeing all of these cute little punctuation lessons using pasta swirling around Pinterest, I knew I wanted to do something using that idea...especially since our first state test is writing. Plus, we have been working on all kinds of editing skills and strategies, so this would fit right in! When I started thinking about how I wanted to tie this all in to St. Pat's Day, I remembered how Kim Bearden from RCA tied it into a restaurant theme. Perfect! 

So I give you...

When the kids came in this morning, I had the classroom ready to go! 

I made them believe that a little punctuation leprechaun entered our classroom on St. Patrick's Day and he wanted to make sure that we had our editing skills nailed down pat {no pun intended}! :)  

{Ignore the covered walls...we are all ready for testing!}

We even had little "signs" left from our leprechaun friend {see below} to remind us of all of the things that we should search for while editing! 

They were beyond excited and couldn't wait to find out what all of this craziness was about! Too bad they had to wait through a 45 minute activity block. Needless to say, they couldn't wait to get back into the classroom. 

When the returned, they found this...

Along with our "punctuation", we also had Lucky Snack Mix which gives us a huge burst of luck as we begin our editing {a.k.a. our sentences should be perfect}. 

They couldn't believe that our little friend Lucky {who usually trashes our classroom each St. Patrick's Day} turned our punctuation green! 

Can you believe that little jokester! I promise...even third graders love the magic! 

Then, I wrote a whole bunch of sentences that Lucky trashed {instead of trashing our room}. The kiddos had to use the pasta to edit the sentences and make them perfect for publishing. 

After I checked their sentence, they recorded their final editing on their recording sheet. 

Such a fun way to practice {one more time} all of the things that great writer's look for in their writing. After this lesson, we won't need any luck on PASS! {Let's hope!} ;) 

Now let's just pray for some sleep tonight! State testing makes me crazy nervous! 

Hope y'all had your best Monday yet! 


  1. This is adorable! I may have to steal this and use with my firsties!! I bet they loved it! Good luck on testing tomorrow! I'm in Texas and our testing isn't for another 2 weeks. I've been pulled to give the small group admin to a group because I used to teach 4th. So I still get to have some testing fun :)

    Flying High in First Grade

  2. Sooooo cute! I used to teach 2nd grade and then moved schools to be closer to home and am now in 6th. Your blog is terrific! It makes me miss the little guys!
    Doodling Around in 6th Grade

  3. I love it! We were collaborating to score some writing samples from our ESL students this afternoon and it was shocking to me how they STILL do not use punctuation, even though I feel like I tell them one hundred times a day! I bet they really enjoyed your activities!
    Literacy Spark

  4. that's awesome. I DO NOT miss our state writing test. Did that for 7 years...blah! We alwys used macaroni for quotations and commas, but I never thought of the rest! And you are too good!! I'd love to decorate my room beforehand. I barely get there before the bell rings...ok I never do!!

    1. Girl, I definitely do not get there super early! I prefer to go in on the weekends and get it all done and ready for the week. I like my sleep a little too much! :)

  5. I have to tell you...I was scrolling through Google Reader and saw these pictures and thought to myself, "That is the cutest thing ever. It must be Hope's room." And, it was! (By the way, did I use my punctuation correctly?)

    Too cute as always, Hope :)

    1. You are so precious and WAY always! Thank you so much for making me smile! :) Now we just need to schedule another blogger meet up so that we can actually talk this time! I know that we could be dangerous! :) Have a great week!

  6. Hope!!! No joke- this is such a cute idea. Your creative mind is just wonderful.

    Second Grade Nest

  7. Can't wait to use your clever ideas with my 2ndies, Hope. They'll love pasta punctuation!!


  8. Ahhh this is amazing!!! I met up with a couple teacher friends tonight and told them they had to come check out your amazing idea and pictures!!! Can't wait to do this in my classroom!!

    Lessons with Laughter

  9. Such great ideas!! My mom is a teacher and I can't wait to show her your blog! Thanks for all the inspiration!!


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  11. I checked your TPT page and did not see this lesson. Is it available? I would love to add this to my 2nd graders day on Tuesday. I use lots of your units and enjoy the energy along with the learning they inspire. Thanks and just let me know! :)