Let's Talk...FOOTBALL!

Raise your hand if you are a football fan!!! My hand is so not raised. Ha! Basketball, I love! Football...not so much. My husband is not proud. So, will I be watching the Super Bowl?!? Probably not. I do like the commercials, and I typically pull for the team with the coolest outfit (jersey?)...I dunno. 

I know you are asking...then why did you make an entire football writing unit? Well, about that. Our 100th day is Thursday and Super Bowl is this Sunday...so I am definitely going to combine the two. Plus, my kids are all kinds of crazy about football. This year, our 100th day will be all about football and the kids couldn't be more thrilled! They are super pumped that they will be dressing like football stars on Thursday. We will be doing all sorts of measurement activities (our current math unit) centered around a football field {which is 100 yards...I think}. ;)  We will also be researching football 100 years ago and the kids will be working to compare the olden days to current trends. We are also working on capacity, so I thought about doing a Gatorade challenge. You know...who can drink 100 cups of Gatorade in 100 seconds! What do you think? ;) Maybe I should save that activity for another time. 

Anyways, I have put together a little football writing unit that we will be using for our 100th day. It includes 8 different writing prompts and will be perfect for all of your football lovers. Although we are using it for the 100th day and Super Bowl, this unit will work wherever and whenever you would like. Check it out below or by clicking {HERE}

I will be back Thursday to share our 100th Day Celebration! Until then, have a great night, friends! 


  1. Love it Hope! I am a huge football fanatic...my team is the 49ers and I am so jazzed about this Super Bowl! Thank you so much for your awesome ideas! I am a huge fan... Sylvia Sraigosa505@aol.com

  2. Awesome activities and a great way to motivate kids to write.

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