100th Day...Super Bowl Style

Today was the 100th day of school. Well actually, it was number 99...BUT...tomorrow my kiddos will be MAP testing, and I can just see them 100% focused when I am dressed like a football superstar and they are all decked out in their gear. So, we celebrated on the 99th day of school. They were totally fine with it, and we did an excellent job at pretending that it was day 100! Onto our 100th Day Celebrations! 

Yesterday, in preparation for the 100th day,  I stayed after school to do a little decorating in the midst of tornado watches, torrential downpour, and some crazy lightning. Ahhh...Life in the south. My sweet mama helped me make some gigantic footballs to hang from the ceiling. I bet the fire marshals would love this...

I am *sure* that they would meet code! My kids were obsessed. They tried to convince me to let them take some home. Hmmm...that could be a great incentive for later. I will keep that in mind.

After I left school, I should have been super worried about the weather, but instead I was determined to find a Ray Lewis jersey. No such luck. So I moved on to plan B, and I made one! 

This and some nice "eye black" {as my boys called it} gave me superstar status! Ha! 

Today on *our* 100th day, we began by watching some highlights of Ray Lewis during our morning work. He has some pretty inspirational speeches on YouTube. The kids were amazed by him which is why our Super Bowl predictions turned out like this...

Obviously, the Ravens are a favorite in our classroom. 

After our predictions were made, we used my Let's Talk Football Unit and began researching what football was like 100 years ago. There is an excellent little video on YouTube that the kids thought was hysterical. We also did a little partner research and worked on Venn Diagrams to use when writing our comparison essays. We found out some pretty cool facts from long ago. I am loving how these turned out! They had some really fabulous writings! I was super impressed!  

How cute are those little football superstars? You can check out more football themed writings in my Let's Talk Football Unit

Although we had a lot of fun during writing, I would have to say our math activity was the favorite of the day. We have been working our way through measurement, and today we had a 100th Day Championship Football Throw. They were pumped! We began with the Customary Units Championship, followed by the Metric System Championship. 

The kids each had their own football thanks to one of my cheer moms (not to be confused with dance moms). Those ladies are CAH-RAZY! 

During the competition, they had to throw their football 100 inches, 100 feet, 100 mm and 100 centimeters. We used tape measurers to find the correct distance of each. The kiddos then had to record reflections after each throw. 

I actually had one student who threw his football 100 feet. He was so proud! This was an excellent activity to help the students really understand each unit of measure and begin associating relative lengths with each. 

We had such a fun day together. Now, let's pray they are ready to score some major touchdowns on their MAP test tomorrow! Happy 100th {eh..99th} day, friends! 


  1. Ok, you are a genius. There. I said it.

  2. It looks like ya'll had a GREAT day! You're so creative!

  3. Hope! I LOVE your Dance Moms reference, but I love this day even more. You truly are amazing!

  4. What a fabulously creative 100th day celebration! So cute! I'm sure your kids had sooooo much fun and add ready to score big time tomorrow :) good luck with your testing!!

    1. Meant to say *are* ready. Sigh. Sorry for those darn fast fingers!

  5. What an awesome day! Love it and thanks for sharing!!

  6. I LOVE that you combined the 100th Day and Super Bowl! I've been stressing about how to cram in stuff for both for our 100th day tomorrow! I'll have to remember this for next year, as they always seem to fall around the same time! Super cute!

  7. Cute ideas! I teach in San Francisco so my class is cheering for the 49ers! :)

  8. Wow, I loved that you tied in the Super Bowl with the 100th day! Such a good idea!

  9. Love your ideas! Check out my blog post for today to see the Super Bowl prediction chart my students made.


  10. oh, we had a great story book called Jim Thorpe's Bright Path that would be perfect for your football 100 years ago! I need to remember for next year! Love the decor-if there is such..."football decor" ha! Looks like they had a blast!

  11. I really like your football display :D it is so creative.

    All the best
    Ben :)


  12. I love this! I bought the football unit, but didn't see the super bowl prediction writing paper... do you have that available for download?