Heart Attack: A February Writing Unit!

If you are already getting things ready for the month of February, you *might* want to take a look at my new writing pack. Yes, that's right friends...I am ahead for the first time this year! I can't believe it myself. Maybe that has something to do with my love for Valentine's Day. We had way too much fun last year in our classroom for V-day! Check it out {HERE}. Well, since I have those same kiddos, this year must be all new...once again! So, I have put together four super easy, super fast, super fun activities that I think the kids are going to love...especially the boys! I mean who doesn't want to give away a Valen"slime"?

Here is a preview! 

Heart Attack Writing: During this writing activity, the students will replace words with conversation hearts. These writings are always a hit with the students and are absolutely hysterical. 

Conversation Hearts: This activity can be used with any writing skill. The students will create their very own conversation hearts with sight words, idioms, sentence types, sentence structures, or more! 

 The Perfect Valen"slime": This writing activity will be perfect for all of the boys in your classroom. The students will create a Valenslime card with anything creepy, crawly, slimy, or yucky! They will complete their card with a descriptive writing about what they chose for their Valenslime.

Text Me Similes: The students will write text messages to a friend in the form of a simile. This activity will be displayed on a fun cell phone craftivity. 

If you are going to purchase this unit, you may also want to pick up this book. It will be a class favorite for sure and goes perfectly with many of these activities. It is no longer in print, but can be picked up used on Amazon for pretty cheap! 
If you are needing any other activities for Valentine's Day, be sure to check out my other V-day units in my shop! Click on the pictures below to find them at TPT. 

Love Me Tender: Math Centers

P.S. Friends Forever {A Letter Writing Unit}
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I wish that I could say that I was off to do some majorly fun weekend plans, but unfortunately, I have tons of reading for my school law class! Booo! Hope y'all are having more fun than I am this weekend! Oh well! 

Happy Saturday, anyways! :0) 


  1. Very cute Hope! Love the "Valenslimed" idea!

    Swimming into Second

  2. Love the "valenslime" project! My boys would sure get a kick out of that!


  3. I love the text message craft :) Even my firsties LOVE texting - CRAZY! Thanks for sharing :)

    The Brown Bag Teacher

  4. Wow! How prepared are you? I need to get with it to get as far ahead as you :) I have loved doing the conversation heart writing in the past, but your cute girl craftivity to go with it makes it soooo much better! So cute!


    Fun in Room 4B

  5. Super cute and so jealous you are already into February! You go girl :)

    Lauren & Emily
    Dynamic Duo 1 and 2

  6. I love the slime activity!! I can't wait to use it with my kids, because I know they will, too!!!!!!!

  7. You are on my same wavelength! Always thinking a month ahead…THANK YOU! I needed some cute ideas for V-Day :)

  8. So cute! Heading over right now and picking myself up a copy!

    Darling Little Learners

  9. Oh, my gosh, I have to have this! How fun! Thanks so much for making such a great product. On my way to your shop!

    Heather at TeachItToday!

  10. Your writing packs are so rediciously awesome (oxymoron I know)!! I love them and my students are having a blast with the winter writing pack! Thanks for creating such a wonderful product! Can't wait to purchase the next one!
    Ms. A
    Oceans of First Grade Fun

  11. Adorable Units! Love your blog, I am your newest follower!!

  12. i there...im writing a grant proposal on non fiction and i loved your title "all jacked up ...on non fiction" i love diet mt. dew and its a great fit for what im writing...do you mind if i borrow your title?
    jennie griffin Tn