Right Before the Sugar High & a FREEBIE

Oh. My. Word! What a day. I just finished giving out candy to the last few trick-or-treaters in our neighborhood, and the bed is calling my name! I love...love...love Halloween, but I tell you...this holiday ranks right up there with Valentine's Day! Pure craziness! So, what did we do right before the sugar high??? 

We began the day with our riddle math! This has definitely become a favorite in the classroom and is PER-FECT right before a holiday. Today, the students had to figure out the following riddle: What do you call a witch that lives at the beach? They had to solve 9 different problems to find the answer. Each time they got a problem correct, they collected a letter tile. Once they had all nine tiles, they could solve the riddle. 

If you would like to pick up a copy of this activity, click {HERE}. The cards are blank so that you can create your own math problems to match your current skill! 

As if they needed more sweets today, once they solved the riddle, they were able to eat Halloween Popcorn...my sorta healthy...sorta sweet Halloween treat for my kiddos! Yes...I made them earn it! 

Then...who plans a wax museum & South Carolina Explorers Talk Show to present to parents on Halloween?!? Guilty! It kept them busy, focused, and learning! 

We held a traditional wax museum, complete with a photographer to take pictures of our guests with our famous explorers and settlers! The kids were most excited about holding their pose, and they were super serious about it. Seriously, the funniest thing ever. Loved every single second! 

As a matter of fact, I am about 90% certain that the adults had more fun than the students! I think I will claim a wax museum more often in the classroom. These kids didn't move an inch! 

After performing our SC Explorers Talk Show and a little region rap for our parents, we got straight back to work! Continuing on with our Wizard of Oz Unit, we made these cute little witch crafts to display with our homophone stories. After I reviewed homophones, the students had to create a Halloween story with the eight homophones that they were given. This really allowed me to see who truly knew how to use these words in the context of a sentence. 

So...how did I get them to complete so much work today? I held our little EconoMONEY shopping day over their heads! Call me crazy...but it worked like a charm! At the end of the day, the students were able to go spend {or save} all of their hard earned cash! 

The CEO of EconoMONEY Enterprises even threw a little Halloween Sale!

Then, we ended the day with these sweet little treats...Perfect since we read about that Wicked Witch today! 
These cupcakes were made by one of my precious room moms and grandmas! Love them! 

It was such a great day! And...I am just throwing this out there...BUT...I think that it is a total crime to make us come to school tomorrow! Pray for me...and I will pray for you! 



  1. I agree, the day after trick or treat should be a national holiday that allows for a day off. We have had it worse because we were supposed to have trick or treat on Tuesday, so they were all hyped up, then they changed it to Thursday, so now we have to live through the excitement and build up again.

  2. Sounds like today was an absolute blast in your classroom! I wish that our school would allow us to have so many fun treats, there is no way we could ever get away with your popcorn mix AND homemade parent treats!! My district is a stickler about those kind of things! :(

  3. I'm exhausted after reading this. I hope you are sleeping!!! :)

  4. Hope, exciting as ever! We did similar witchy funtastic learning pieces, & had more fun this Halloween than ever before!
    Amy Howbert

    Little Miss Organized

  5. I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your PUMPKIN BOOK REPORTS idea on TPT. I had seen it last year and since I was moving into a Gr. 3 class this year, I knew this was something that they could handle. It was SUCH a success and I had parents raving about it today. If you would like to see how it all turned out, please visit our classroom blog:

    Just to let you know how far your influence reaches, we're in Alberta, Canada.

  6. I LOVE, LOVE your blog! I also love how much you have been posting! :) I'm so excited to see what you are doing with The Wizard of Oz! Can't wait!

  7. I loooove your riddle idea!! I think we will be doing this before thanksgiving :)

  8. What a super fun week!! I hope you're enjoying time for yourself this weekend!

    Teaching Maddeness
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