I Can Explain & Where I’m From Unit {FINALLY}

Y’all… I can explain! I know I have been away from this neglected blog for some time now, but trust me when I say that I have missed my blogging world. Here is why I have been MIA for.eva!!!!! I am pretty sure that I don’t even have a home anymore! In fact, I am a little unsure of what that word even means these days. Sheesh! I have spent lots of time traveling and having a blast meeting lots of wonderful people. Last weekend, I spent some time in Myrtle Beach presenting at the SCCTM {South Carolina Math Conference}. Presenting was so much fun {even if my computer did crash minutes before my presentation} and I was able to meet lots of wonderful teachers!

Then, this past weekend, I spent some time in Chicago with some of my sweet friends! We had the time of our lives and completely took over Chicago! More about this later…but here are some of the lovely ladies that I spent my weekend with…{I bet you may even recognize these pretty faces!}


Love these girls!

Okay…now onto school stuff! I *finally* finished putting together my “Where I’m From” unit. This is such a fun project that allows students to share a little snapshot of their past! You can read more about our Where I’m From projects HERE!

Where I'm From Map

Here are a few pictures from our projects!

Slide1  Slide2  Slide3


Slide11  Slide12

You can pick this up…right now…at my TPT shop by clicking on the picture below!


Hope y’all have a wonderful night! Tomorrow is our big pumpkin creation day! Can’t wait to share lots of pictures with you! Night, friends!


  1. Memories waiting to be created! Priceless!
    Amy Howbert

    Little Miss Organized

  2. Your new packet look awesome!!!!!! When in the WORLD did you have time to put it together? After one of your naps, huh?


  3. Hope, your packet is adorable as always! I'm thinking that since I can actually name all but two people in that group photo {and recognize but can't name the two}, I clearly must have spent a huge amount of time blog-cationing! {But it also means I've been inspired beyond explanation :)

    Have a great week!

    primary practice

  4. Yeah!!! I have been anxiously awaiting this little number since you mentioned it!! Can't wait to do this with my 3rd graders! Thanks, Hope!

  5. What a fantastic unit! I love, like you said, how it creates classroom community and tolerance for different family lives. But also the integration of social studies with the timelines, and LA with the poetry- It's an all- round great integrated unit.

  6. This unit is super cute!!! :) LOVE IT... and you! :) Chicago was too much fun! Can't wait to meet up again someday!