Talk Like a Pirate Day {Math Freebie}

Did you know that today was National Talk Like a Pirate Day? Well…I didn’t…until 2 days ago when one of my sweet parents emailed me a  little FYI! Ha! Pirates are so fun, so I thought to myself…why not make a day out of it?! Today was definitely one of those “Keep calm and pretend that it’s on the lesson plan” kind of days! {Those are the best…right?}

This week in math, we began our addition unit. Today we did “arrrdition” pirate style!


The students had to solve addition equations to discover which food pirates can’t get enough of. If they solved the equation without any mistakes, they collected a letter tile to match the color of their equation. Once they collected each tile, they could figure out the mystery word which was…


Then, we had some pirate popcorn for a little snack! If you would like to snag this activity, click HERE!

During our writing time, we researched about a pirate that goes right along with our studies in South Carolina History.


The students read all about this famous pirate in our SC Weekly newspapers and then wrote an informational paragraph about all of the facts that they learned.




Since we have been learning all about the six regions that divide South Carolina, it was the perfect time for the students to create their own treasure maps. They had to illustrate each region including landforms, major cities, and rivers. Then, they wrote clues that will lead to their treasure. Their clues had to include information from each region.



And no pirate day would be complete without…

Slide2  Slide3

Bandanas! I so wish you could see their sweet faces! What a great day!

This pirate is off to bed! Hope you all had a fabulous day!


  1. ARRRGHHHH YOU KIDDING ME? You amaze me, girlfriend! Wow! Love EVERYTHING about this post.

  2. Arrrdition looks like so much fun! And I love the pirate handprints!! What a fun day. One of my kiddos tried to convince me that his mom's friend is a real pirate. There's not much arguing with a first grader when it comes to pirates! :)


  3. I absolutely love pirates! What great ideas here! The little Blackbeards are darling! Come visit me, I'd love to have you!
    Amy Howbert
    Little Miss Organized

  4. HOW FUN!! I bet your kiddos had a blast! Thanks for sharing!

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    The Learning Tree

  5. Great day for pirates! I love the hand print pirates- so creative.


    Granny Goes to School