EconoMONEY in Action

Last week, we were full speed ahead in third grade! Along with learning about reader’s and writer’s workshop, we were also able to dive in to one of our newest additions, which also happens to be a class fave…EconoMoney! After getting my feet wet with a classroom economy last year, I was excited, yet nervous, at implementing an economy at such a large scale. It has been a great experience for the kids and is not only teaching them the value of money, but also of hard work. I am loving it so far! Here is a quick look at what went down last week with our EconoMoney (iPhone style…excuse the quality of the pictures)! 


The students worked in their analysis groups to write contracts and agree upon salaries for our classroom jobs. They were so excited about their analysis groups and worked so well together!


Each student will now hold a position for one month and will then apply for new positions. I wish I had taken a picture of their applications. They were the sweetest things ever! The kids were super excited the next day to find out which position they had been hired for!

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Once we had our classroom jobs assigned, it was time to design a currency. They students all shared their reasoning behind how they chose to design their money. Our money will have pictures of myself, our principal, and our student teacher in the middle! Here is a look at what last year’s money looked like!


Then, we had to find out just how we could earn this new money! The students did a wonderful job learning how to calculate their credits and debits!

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Their first week’s salary will be waiting for them on Monday morning, along with their new EconoMoney wallets.

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I found these cute little “wallets” at Wal-Mart for 50 cents. They are perfect!

If you would like to motivate your students through a classroom economy, you can check out this unit on TPT!



Or Not:


I hope that you are all enjoying a LONG weekend! I am trying to rest up for what I know will be a super busy week! Happy Monday, friends!


  1. I bought the custom one, and my students are so excited. I highly recommend teachers splurging for customizable one. I've made several changes to make it work for me. I'm only paying out at the first of the month. I've set aside a time on Fridays for students to do their job. You should have seen how hard they worked:) I've used a classroom economy in my classroom before, but this is the best and easiest one I've found. Thanks for creating this awesome product!


  2. This is so, so cool Hope! I love how the students designed the currency this year!! The wallets are absolutely adorable :)

  3. Looks like you are in full economy swing!! I bet your kids are just loving it!