Backpacks and a Mod Podge High

What is it about having a Monday off that makes Tuesday way crazy?!? Or Maybe it was the rain?!? Either way, today kept me on my toes! However, I am beginning to think that I may be getting the hang of this third grade thing…just maybe! ;)

Tonight is going to be short and sweet, but I wanted to share two things that I am loving right now!

1. Backpacks:

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This year I decided to make the change from desks to tables! I. Am. In. Love! Nothing makes me happier than to have nice straight rows rather than desks everywhere! Perfectionist??? Me??? No way!!!! Ha! No matter what I did, the desks were always a hot mess in my room! I had my reservations about tables and wanted to find the perfect way to store all of their “stuff” that is usually kept inside their desks. I knew cubbies wouldn’t be large enough and didn’t want them up and down all day long! I swear it came to me in a dream…backpacks! The kids keep all of their materials in their “supply packs” as we call them and their textbooks in their cubby! It is the perfect solution and works so well! I love them and they have lots of pouches to keep them nice, organized, and clean…just the way I like it!


2. Mod Podge Journals

We make these cute mod podge journals every year, and the kids always get so excited about adding their own personal touch to their notebooks. Well…something you should know about me…when I like something…I REALLY like it! So…we went a little mod podge crazy! This year, we added our South Carolina History Journals to the mix! The finished projects made me so giddy…or maybe that warm and fuzzy feeling came from the smell of glue that filled my room for a solid day! :) Either way…I love how they turned out!

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We used SC symbols to decorate our SC journal! It was a nice little introduction to SC History!

Well…that is all I have for you tonight, friends! I will be back this week with my newest unit that will compliment my Desire to Inspire Subway Art Pack! So excited about sharing this with you!

Celebrate Success


Here is to making tomorrow your best Wednesday yet! ;)


  1. are these their backpacks? I had tables my first year in 2nd, loved them. My kids last year where so talkative I switched to desks! Now I want my tables back! sniffles

  2. I love the mod podge journals... I just starting school on Tuesday and I am debating if my group of firsties could handle this?! Yikes. Verdict is still out :)
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