Teacher Week: Freebie Friday & First Week Peek

I did it!!!! I survived the first week of school, cross country practice, football games & three doctors appointments. I haven’t been this tired in a very long time! Regardless of how bad my feet ache, this week was one of my best first weeks yet! I think I am going to love this third grade thing! 

We began our first day rockin’ the shades! The kiddos couldn’t get enough of them and actually continued to wear them throughout the week!


Click below to grab the Freebie!

My Future is Bright

While they were looking too cool for school, we had to take a few first day pictures!


Then, since my kiddos already knew one another so well, {we have been together for three years now} I really wanted to do something super fun and unique on the first day of school for our classroom introductions! Cue the mad libs! First of all, this was a great review of the basic parts of speech…AND…they were stinkin’ hilarious! So basically, the kids created a list of random words, and then filled the words into a beginning of the year story in the matching blanks.

Click on the pictures below to snag a copy!

Slide1  Slide2

(Do not let your kiddos read the story while filling in the blanks…they will go change crazy and want to change everything!) :)

Along with our student mad libs, I had the kiddos write "I Am” poems which we displayed with  our first day of third grade pictures! They turned out super cute! (Click on the picture to download the freebie!)

I am Poem

After the first day craziness, we spent the next few days getting into all things champions using my Going for the Gold pack! Of course, I had to pull out the American Flags!


One of their favorite activities for the week was our Snack Mix of Champions! Are you surprised? Kids + food = one happy classroom! ;) This mix set the tone for the school year, and the kids have already been referring back to this activity when discussing expectations for the year!

First Week Peek II

Freebie Below!


While eating our snack mix, the kiddos spent some time thinking about all of the things they would like to accomplish in third grade! And…we may have even watched some videos of Michael Phelps at the Olympics! ;) Here is how our goal setting books turned out!

Slide4  Slide5

And since the first week is not just suppose to be *ALL* fun and games, I even managed to squeeze in a few instructional routine practices!

We began each day learning our new morning song…. (Click on the picture to download)


…and we began our Mission Possible Math Review! You can read more about this freebie HERE!


Well…4 days down…176 to go! Here’s to a great year! Happy Weekend! <3

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  1. Love your mab libs. How fun !!!!!!

  2. I walked around my school yesterday before Meet the Teacher day and I counted FIVE teachers with your snack mix of champions on the kiddos' desks! I was so thrilled that I could say I met the woman who made those!!!

    Happy first weekend, Hope!

    T.G.I.F. (Thank God it's First Grade!)

  3. I love the flags! And the sunglasses! And everything! So cute! Just posted my own back to school freebie - come grab it!

    Tangled with Teaching

  4. I'm moving from 2nd to 3rd too, but with a new class.

    Love all of your amazing ideas. Thanks for the mad libs - perfect for the first week!


    Stories from Room 114

  5. OMG, I LOVE Mad Libs, especially with the kids!! I'll bet that was a big hit! :)


  6. Thanks so much for sharing all these wonderful ideas!

  7. Your room looks fabulous--colorful and organized--my type of room! Thank you for the freebies. I just finished prepping my shade gift tags for our first day next week, and I just love your mad lib and picture frame idea!



  8. What tune do you sing your song "We're Made to be Champions" to? Or did you invent your own tune?

    I love your creativity.


    1. I think it goes to One Direction's "What makes you beautiful."

  9. You are always so full of amazing and fun ideas! I enjoy reading your posts!
    Where Seconds Count

  10. hi, could you tell me more about your morning sentence activity please?

  11. Looking for your activity about the elf on strike and also how to get Santa unstuck from the chimmney. Where can I purchase those activities?
    G. Solis

  12. Do you have a new song like your one direction song? Loved that one! My kiddos begged for it!