Must-haves Monday!

I am so excited about teacher week 2012! Today, it is all about the must-haves! So, I hope that you have a good hour or two, because there are only a million things that I need on a daily basis! Most would call that high maintenance…especially my husband! ;)

Let’s begin with the basics, shall we???…


Enough said! ;)

Now that the most important must-have has been introduced, I am going to try and stay organized with my next 1,000 few must-haves for the classroom! {Organization is only temporary…it’s a beginning of the year thing!}

Must-have Materials:


Not only do I love me some Ron Clark, but I also love his Essential 55. Unfortunately requiring the youngsters to remember 55 rules is not going to happen any time soon! Narrowing it down to 10 seemed to do the trick! These essentials hang in my room every year! If you would like these posters for your room, click on the pictures above!


I know…I know…worksheets are so a thing of the past! I agree! But…these books are some amazing resources! I love them! Plus, I use the reading skills book for cold readers to get an accurate measure of my kiddo’s comprehension skills. Whatever grade level I teach, I typically purchase a grade level above/below. This always works so well when trying to meet the needs of a diverse classroom!


I have talked about DOGOnews on my blog before! It is so perfect for the classroom, that it deserved a second chance in the spotlight! :) This is an online current events resource that you will definitely want to check out! You can check out my post about this HERE!

Double Copy Books

Lots and lots of double copy books for reading partnerships! Why must books be so expensive?!?


Although I have yet to use this crazy amazing resource, I know it will be a must have for me this year! If you haven’t checked out Lesson Plan’s Reading Binder, you might want to! ;)

Thinking Clouds for GR groups! These clouds do the trick of getting all of the students actively involved in their reading. You can check them out by clicking on the picture above!

Must-have Daily Procedures/Staples:


Every morning, we begin with our morning song! I wouldn’t want to begin the day any other way! It gets the kiddos up and moving and wakes up those sleepy brains!

Slide1 Slide1

Mission Possible Math: This strategy replaced my morning meeting time and I LOVE it! It is my favorite time of day! This is the perfect way to provide enrichment for all of those braniacs while scaffolding others still working towards mastery! You can read more about this by clicking on one of the pictures above!

Must-have Teacher Necessities:

The Cameo…Do I really need to go into detail? ;)

Common Core App: I love having the standards organized and ready on my phone. Plus, this app allows you to view the standards for the grade level above and below in the same area.

And…last but not least…who doesn’t love scented markers?! These are my absolute fave for creating anchor charts!

Ok…so I am dying to know! What are your teacher must-haves? Link up with Blog Hoppin’ and tell us all about them!


  1. Great minds think alike! Before anything can happen....Starbucks!!

  2. Well Starbucks, of course!

    I just scooped up a few packs of Mr. Sketch markers from Amazon. They were a "gold box" deal for only $4!!!!

    Across the Hall in 2nd Grade

  3. Thanks for sharing the Common Core app! I need that!! :)

  4. I'll be teaching a combo (grades 3 & 4) this year and the Mission Possible math will be really helpful! Thank you!

  5. Starbucks is definitely a must have!

  6. Scholastic has Charlotte's Web for $1.00 right now!!! Thanks for all of your fantastic ideas!

  7. Love your top ten essential adaptations from Ron Clark, Hope!! I cannot get enough of his books! Have you read Molasses Classes?


  8. Love you essential adaptations! I'm a speech therapist and I work on a lot of that social language with my kiddos. Thanks for making and I would love to link back to you and share on my blog!

  9. What is that thing in front of your smart board? It looks like so much fun!
    The Hive